What If……

What if you were looking for new rims………

What if those rims were disc only, in 30mm or 35mm widths……

What if these rims had welded seams……..

What if the bead on these rims allowed you to run super low pressures, like sub 20 psi…

What if these new rims made your tires have a footprint the size of Bigfoot’s….

Stay tuned! You won’t have to wait long………………….


No Responses to “What If……”

  1. Quinn Says:

    sounds like a 29er Pugsley to me…….. HEY who stole my Idea????????

  2. Brandon Says:

    the new delgado disc is my bet

  3. choke Says:

    Sounds like something I’d not use. But, that’s only because I run v-brakes.

  4. Cloxxki Says:

    Damn, I’m keeping this info to myself and you’re posting it!?

    I’m totally psyched. Wait till y’all hear the weights associated with those respective widths…

    That 30mm rim, with a Racing Ralph 2.4″…not sure any current hardtail frame is up for that.

    @Frame makers : start working on a 2×9 frame already, for 24/36t rings and maximum tire clearance.

  5. Joe Says:

    My gear rides sweet now, what IF change doesn’t = progress?

  6. Desert9r Says:

    Joe, That is the eternal question! 32 spokes or 28? 7005 or Scandium? Why carbon? little knobs or big?

    Lighter often means weaker, so the rim may provide fit of an un-godly wide tire, but can it hold up to the punishment?

    Its all personal choice.

  7. Joe Says:

    I am guilty of it all, some times I get caught up in the acquisition mode and other times I am a purist (like last week) and I just ride ride ride, and sleep/eat : )

  8. GreenLightGo Says:

    wide rim and the new Racing Ralph 2.4s ought to fit up front on many bikes. I know I’ve got room to spare on my RST fork width wise. 2.4NN up front, 2.25 on the rear….

  9. jncarpenter Says:

    Yup. I am guessing it’s the new Salsa rim I’ve been hearing about.

  10. Guitar Ted Says:

    jncarpenter: That’s rims, as in more than one. 😉

  11. jncarpenter Says:

    …sorry, I was thinking more of the 35mm version. I hear there is a 35mm rim in the works from salsa, weight will be around 650g.

  12. BunE Says:

    GT is kinda gross.

  13. BearSquirrel Says:

    Not Salsa!!! Why would I want a floppy rim in 30mm and 35mm? The 28mm was enough for me. Is it WTB? I’d only be happy if they offered 36 holes. Perhaps it is the narrower Kris Holm rim that we were teased about. That would rock!!

  14. mg Says:

    i’ve seen the rims of which you speak. they are good. very good, in fact.

    that 35mm rim is incredible. it makes an exiwolf look gigantic!

    it’s a good time to love building wheels…


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