Sneak Peek: Continental's New 29"er Tire

On the heels of the Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29″er tire comes this new 29″er tire from Continental. Check out this spy shot from a tester with a new “2.4” mounted his rig. It would seem that the German marketing wonks finally figured out that these are not going to be trekking tires but 29 inch mountain bike tires as both Schwalbe and Conti are marking these new treads with “29er” labels. That’s a good thing!

My sources tell me that Continental will actually have two different 29″er models in two sizes each. 2.1″ and 2.4″ tires in the “Mountain King” and “Mud Queen” models are to be released. I don’t have any specifics as to whether or not these will have the Black Chili compound.

I have also heard from testers that have these tires that the typical Continental practice of marking the tire a size bigger than it really is remains unchanged. So expect the 2.1″ to be more like a 1.95 and the 2.4″ to be more like a 2.1″ in reality. Too bad that Continental doesn’t use casings like it did back in the early 90’s when huge, rounded tires that actually measured out to be what they were marked were marketed.

We’ll look for more info at Interbike. Stay tuned!


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  1. Cloxxki Says:

    At Eurobike I never got ahold of the one guy who was supposed to know about the tires NOT in the catalogue, likely for the US market only.
    A buddy rode the 26″ Speed Kings (2.1 then or so) in a recent mud-infested race, and said they cleared fine. A Mud Queen…should be something then!

  2. Desert9r Says:

    Those Look cool! Is Conti still making the Vapor? I have wanted to try them for a while now.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    Desert9r: Yeah, you can still pick up the Vapor, if you don’t mind a 1.95 inch 29″er tire.

    Cloxxki: My source told me today that the Mountain King has pretty soft sidewalls and has “mad traction” in softer conditions. I wonder about the Mud Queen myself. It’s going to have to be really good to be better than a Michelin XC AT. I think those are the best mud shedders yet.

  4. Cloxxki Says:

    I’d call the Vapors I’ve seen rather 1.8″. The 1.9 Kenda Karma is sooooo much bigger than the Vapor. Nice Monstercross tire though, it seems about as offroadable as a Ritchey Z-Max 1.7. Okay, a bit more. I used to like the Z-MAx, but they also gave me a record of pinch flats.

    Now a Dutch Conti rep once told me they are a brand of allround tires. No specialists. And they seem to be true to that. The Explorer is universally loved by those that hate tire changes. The Twister Supersonic are loved by weight weenie racers, for nearly all conditions. Those mountain king might be a flashier, faster, better mud shedding allround-knobby than the explorer.

    I wish they’d give us Twisters and Speedkings though. Way too often I see folkks on Twisters having a better tire choice than others, even in “different” conditions.

  5. wunnspeed Says:

    Ah… the old U.S. market only BS! Charming.

  6. Jmat Says:

    I just mounted up a 2.4 on the front on my Rig – there is no way this is a 2.4 – expect a 2.1 – 2.2. Tire looks great and I’ll let you know how it feels and performs on a rigid 29er..

    Paid 39.99 at LBS.

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