Sneak Peak: Rawland Cycles 650B

Rawland head tube

In our efforts to bring you news of anything “big wheel”, we have a sneak peek forwarded to us by Rawland Cycles of one of their planned 650B bike models coming soon. This appears to be a single speed called the “Olaf”.

Rawland fork crown

Check out this cool “bi-plane” fork crown and the details around the top of the fork legs. Also the embossed “R” in each side of the the fork crowns top. Cantilever brakes for more of that “old skool” flavor.

Rawland drop outs

These “dragon” drop outs are super cool looking. Almost too good to put a wheel into! Nice integrated bottle opener too.

Rawland seat/top tube detail

The “P” on the seat tube is for Pacenti Designs, the company fronted by 650B champion Kirk Pacenti.

Rawland extended head tube shot

Here’s the shot of the extended head tube. Could make this a great dirt drop bar machine. Interesting details here. I’m hearing that the Rawland Cycles stuff will debut at Interbike, so I’ll see about getting some more information at that time. Rawland Cycles is a new start up that plans on bringing several 650B models to market and will only sell bikes in this wheel format.

Stay tuned for more as we get information. As of now, you know as much as we do!


No Responses to “Sneak Peak: Rawland Cycles 650B”

  1. MMcG Says:

    Wow – very cool. From the looks if it, this frame will be on the pricey side though – am I correct? It looks like it would be – and for just causes. I’m just thinking that it might be worthwhile for a more affordable to the masses frameset to become available for the 650b wheelsize to be really tempting for more people to give a go to see what this wheelsize in between 26 and 29 inches is all about.

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    MMcG: The Soma B Side should fill that niche nicely. 🙂

  3. MMcG Says:

    Good point GT – and you could probably already do it pretty easily with a Surly 1×1 or Soma 415 SS frame as well. 😉

  4. Ben Witt Says:

    Frame pricing will be just a bit more than a Surly or Soma standard. It is going to be priced competitively though. That’s all for now!


  5. MMcG Says:

    Ben – that’s cool!

  6. nalax Says:

    Cool stuff, GT.
    This keeps getting more and more fun and interesting.
    Looking forward to your reviews!

    I better start building up my 650b wheels soon because the tires and frames will be here soon.

  7. Bianchi Says:

    The frames will be deliciously retro and cool looking! Also the prices will be very sweet for something that’s very unique!

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