Final Thoughts: ZTR ARCH 29er Hope Pro II Disc Wheelset

To sum up the ZTR Arch 29er wheels, let’s take a look at a breakdown of the wheelset.

Rims: ZTR Arch 29er

I don’t think I can really say enough good things about these rims, they are quite light at 470g, and incorporate the uniquely designed Beat Socket Technology as described here.

During my experience with these rims, I ran them with the yellow tape that is provided installed, as well as the black rim strip that comes with the rims. Using this, in conjunction with Stan’s liquid latex sealant, and some Maxxis Ignitor tires, I was able to have a really nice tubeless set up that during my tests never failed, and I spent a lot of hard hours on this set up. I did puncture one tire that the Stan’s sealant then plugged right up for me. I have been very satisfied with how well these rims run with a tubeless setup.

Hubs: Hope Pro II

These hubs are extremely well manufactured and light, around 180g for the front and 295g for the rear as described on the Hope websites.

Engagement of the rear hub is solid and the hub internals roll very smooth and quickly. However, the only downer that I can really point out is the noise made by the rear hub. At first, I admit, it was somewhat cool. It really has that high end up clicking noise as the wheels turn freely, (noise does not occur when pedaling) however I eventually found myself somewhat annoyed with it. I certainly wouldn’t suggest this hub if you are planning on using it on your get away bike. If you roll it past someone who is sleeping on the floor, it’s going to wake them up. This is of course, a picky issue, and if you want to look at these strictly with an operational eye, then roll on, because these things are sweet.

Spokes: gives you a couple choices with spokes when you order your wheels. 1.8/1.5 or 2.0/1.7. The 1.8/1.5 spokes are only available for a V-Brake only set of rims. I believe the wheels that I have are running the 2.0/1.7 spokes. This would be 2.0 mm at the hub end tapered to 1.8mm at the thread end. It is certainly the way to go if you are looking to build an ultralight cross country race wheel, but I personally prefer something stronger. The spokes on this particular wheelset loosen up quite often and require quite a bit of up keep. There is a slight bit of windup in the rear when I really get down on it, and keep in mind that I weigh about 147 pounds.

To sum up my feelings on these wheels is simply this. I really do like them a lot, and it is sad that my review period is up. I would say that if I built my own personal set, I would call NoTubes and find out of I could get some stronger spokes, and maybe select a different rear hub, but only to keep from having the constant clicking, not because the Hope Pro II is not nice. The rim themselves are great, and I would love a set, and I suggest that you try them out.

In case you were wondering, if you were to purchase a set just like this from it would cost you about $615.00. For a nice set of light 29’er wheels, that’s a great price.

I sure have enjoyed riding these wheels; they even made it on my trip out west. They’ve done short, long, muddy, and rocky races, done riding all over Virginia, and have been ridden in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. It’s been fun, but I suppose that’s it. If you have any final questions let me know!


No Responses to “Final Thoughts: ZTR ARCH 29er Hope Pro II Disc Wheelset”

  1. Jared Says:

    If you can remember, I’d like to hear a little more about the engagement of these hubs. How is it compared to a King? I understand it won’t be equivalent, but I’m wondering if they’d be a good budget alternative.

  2. SteveK Says:

    I’ve got two sets of wheels that are almost identical except that the fronts are Lefty hubs. I also used DT Comps for the spokes. Last year I ran these wheels through four of the NUE 100 races and numerous local XC races as well. Through it all I’ve had virutally no problems but they do require an occasional tweaking of the spokes to keep them true.

    I agree that the Hope XC is very loud, combined with the clicking of my twist grip I can’t sneak up on anyone. It does work well though as an alternative to a bell on the rail trails 🙂 I’ve got a King rear on order for my next set so I will be able to personally contrast the engagement. But for the money I have no reason to be disappointed in the Hope/Arch combo.

  3. SteveK Says:

    Oops, I meant I have the Hope pros.

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