DT Swiss 29"er Fork: Sneak Peak

DT Swiss/Pace fork

Editors Note: We’ll be posting the few 29″er highlights from Eurobike this week. All photos are by Gonzalo Vilaseca

Check out these photos of the new ’08 DT Swiss 29″er fork which was formerly Pace. (DT Swiss bought Pace in 2007 and has rebranded the Pace fork as DT Swiss) It’s obvious that some changes were made but Twenty Nine Inches has no concrete details at the moment. The typical high bling factor remains, which is easy to see with all of that carbon fiber staring you in the face.

Adjuster knob detail

Here you can see the unique, (if not fragile looking) adjuster knob a top the fork leg.

spec detail

Here is the placard with some details that appeared with the fork at the show.

DT Swiss retains the behind the stanchions brace and it looks as if the fork has plenty of clearance for fat rubber. Which we will see in a moment……

Ellsworth Evolve with DT fork and Racing Ralphs

Here we see an Ellsworth Evolve 29″er at Eurobike that was fitted with the DT Swiss fork and the new Schwalbe Racing Ralphs. You can see that the gigantic volume of these tires seems to fill up the fork rather well. Not to mention the rear end of this Ellsworth!

More from Eurobike as the week grinds on. Stay tuned!


No Responses to “DT Swiss 29"er Fork: Sneak Peak”

  1. Cloxxki Says:

    That bike with those tires was stunning. The rear end was well stuffed, the fork had room to spare. The bike will ride with these fatties though, as they’re not mud tires anyway.

  2. GirlWhoRides Says:

    Does anybody know if PinkBike.com is officially dead now? No new posts in over a month. I know its in the blue collar network, so will there be any other posts over there…ever again? Same with the CrookedCog PodCast site.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    GirlWhoRides: I guess the PinkMTB thing is officially done. (Just got the word 😦 ) Look for more Crooked Cog Podcasts soon though. The Podcasts will get cranked up for Interbike, that’s the word I’m hearing today.

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