Specialized Resolution Pro 2.3" Tires: First Impressions

Specialized Resolution Pro 2.3

Recently I purchased these Specialized tires to check out and see if all the rave reviews I was reading were warranted. The tires have a nice knobby pattern that is a bit more open than some. It features a basic five row knob pattern as you look down at it. The center three rows are ramped for less rolling resistance. The outer knobs are multi-edged for better cornering traction.

The casing is a 120TPI one with an Aramid folding bead. The weight of my samples was right at 690 grams each. They mounted up much like other 29″er tires- loosely!

Specialized Tire on the Inbred

The tire I got I mounted up on the front of my rigid Inbred single speed. I was hoping that the bigger casing would be enough to give me a bit of cush. Unfortunately, the casing on this labled 2.3 inch tire was a bit smaller than the Exi Wolf it replaced. On the upside, it had side knobs that I didn’t before. That was a good thing.

I raced this tire at a 12 hour team event and found that the performance was excellent. The trails had a lot of steeply pitched switchback turns and demanding off camber traverses. The Resolution Pro clawed into the tacky dirt and never once slipped, or gave any impression of letting me down. I found that it ran well at lower pressures ( for me and my weight) and was one of those tires you just don’t have to worry about. Too bad it’s not available in Specialized’s “2Bliss” tubeless ready format. I’ll bet it would even be better at low pressures with that set up.

Unfortunately the word is that the Resolution Pro is on it’s way out and will be replaced. That’s too bad. This tire is a great trail tire and as a front it’s really a top performer. Mine cost about $35.00 and I got it at a local Specialized dealer. Get yours while you still can.


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  1. Desert9r Says:

    are they any more durable than the Fire XCs ?

  2. Sheen Says:

    Has anyone else had troubles with weak sidewalls on Specialized Tires? My buddy has a pair of Fast Traks with less than 500 miles on them and the side-walls are already showing threads from wear.

  3. Desert9r Says:

    I have had trouble! I just took my 700×38 nimbus off my XXIX and not the sidewall directly, but I scraped off the rubber around the bead, after less than 750 miles and never having to change a flat.

    and I noticed from the start the sidewalls seemed thin especially for an armored tire!

  4. professed Says:

    No problems for me – I have been using a Resolution Pro 2.0 (more like a 2.2) on my 26″ Truth up front for about 800km of trail riding and racing.

    I ran (dont ride the 26″ these days…!) the standard ‘tubed’ Resolutions as tubeless by using Stans Sealant in Mavic Crossmax.

    They are fantastic, great grip as experienced by GT and no problems if run at pressures that are a little above a pressure that will allows the sidewalls to just fold and crumple a little under heavy braking.

  5. Guitar Ted Says:

    Desert9r, Sheen: I can certainly see where these problems could occur. The tires I bought have especially thin, compliant sidewalls. To be fair, so do a lot of my other tires.

    This happens because we are all clamouring for lightweight tires. The manufacturers respond by keeping all the weight they can off and still have suitable grip. This will certainly come at the expense of the sidewalls and casing in general.

    Take for example a WTB Exi Wolf wire bead tire. It’s got sidewalls twice as stiff as most tires in my collection, but it also weighs almost 900 grams! That makes riding a 29″er off road like riding through a constant mud bog.

    The thing is, if 29″ers gain more market momentum, tire manufacturers will make the necessary improvements in construction and invest in technology that will bring us our cake and let us eat it too. A light weight, strong cased, low rolling resistance tire that will satisfy our demands.

    Keep making noise! The more tire manufacturers hear from you, the sooner stuff will happen to improve our situation. 🙂

  6. Ronnie Says:

    I wish I could post a photo here. I bought a pair of 26″ Resolution 2.3 2Bliss not very long ago. They have the Mavic UST logo on the tire. I do a training ride on the gravel paths in the woods near my house. About a 10 mile circuit and pretty hilly which finishes with about a mile right into my garage. The next time I went to check the pressure for a ride the back wheel would not hold air. I found a whole section of side wall had blown out in a star pattern from the bead to the tread and about four inches wide. This happened while the bike was on my work stand. When I flattened out the rubber there was no evidence of an impact on the side wall.

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