Salsa Updates The El Mariachi, Intros The La Cruz

New El Mariachi

Salsa Cycles has updated it’s popular El Mariachi model for ’08 with a new frame design. Also, Salsa says that it’s 29″ers have been tweaked to streamline the 29″ers on offer by them. The only exception is the Dos Niner, which by nature of it’s design will retain it’s look and feel.

The El Mariachi sports updated graphics with styling cues derived from the Limited Edition El Mariachi from last model year. As always, the complete model will sport matching painted stem and a 1 X 9 drivetrain. It will still also be offered as a frame set.

La Cruz

New for ’08 is this disc specific cross bike dubbed the La Cruz. It is built with True Temper OX tubing and will also be available as a complete bike or just a frame and fork for those that desire to build it as they see fit. With the ability to fit up to 45mm tires with ease, this new La Cruz might even be seen as a good candidate for a “monster cross” rig or light duty mountain bike.

We’re also hearing that the La Cruz complete will eschew the black components so common these days and will come with a polished set of rims, seat post, and even polished Bell Lap drop bars!

More on Salsa’s upcoming ’08 line up in the coming weeks. Stay Tuned!


No Responses to “Salsa Updates The El Mariachi, Intros The La Cruz”

  1. MG Says:

    This is Salsa’s strongest line-up ever. The new complete bikes look AWESOME!

    The color of the SS Casseroll is super rad. I’m in the process of building my wife up an 07 Casseroll, and I think that sweet yellow color might end up making us a two Casseroll family!


  2. jonnyb Says:

    A EBB Mamasita? Please? Don’t make me beg, it’s not pretty. But I will.

  3. rockhound Says:

    Thank you Salsa for finally losing the canti studs on the Ala Carte.

    The La Cruz is gorgeous and I hope to get one (or a Casseroll, now I can’t decide).

    I don’t see the need for the new El Mariachi…What was wrong with the toptube and seat tube brace design?

  4. SerenityNow Says:

    “I don’t see the need for the new El Mariachi…What was wrong with the toptube and seat tube brace design?”

    It was ugly!! In my not so humble opinion. I like the changes Salsa, now where are the fully’s?

  5. Desert9r Says:

    The La Cruz looks interesting, the bike says- utilitarian(45c tires), yet the disc brakes say- Race.

  6. Jason Says:

    Thanks for the comments folks. It’s been a fun year. Just a couple of comments.

    “I don’t see the need for the new El Mariachi…What was wrong with the toptube and seat tube brace design?â€?

    Well, you are right. There was nothing wrong with the top tube and seat tube brace. However, it made sizing and fit difficult for our dealers and distributors. The new bike looks clean and rides sweet.


  7. jaymay Says:

    I’m rockin’ the mamasita with the rollenlager tensioner. Just one word so far…yummy. After yearning and drooling like the rest of the SS crowd, I just had to realize that if it wasn’t made, make it yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    jaymay: Did you see that mini eccentric bottom bracket by Tr!xter from Eurobike? It fits standard BB shells, but allows you to single speed a bike without using an eccentric hub, or tensioner device. Pretty sano and super cool!

  9. Joe M. Says:

    As far as an SS Mamasita goes, I just raced the Dakota 5-0 on mine with an Eno Disc hub. Simple, Clean, Fun.

  10. rockhound Says:

    Hey Anonymous,

    Have you got a link for the Trixter mini eccentric bottom bracket?

    I should have patented the idea… 🙂

  11. Guitar Ted Says:

    rockhound: Actually “Anonymous” was me posting from work! 🙂 BTI is the distributor for Trixter in the U.S. Perhaps you or your LBS can reach them that way to see when this might hit the States. I’ll certainly have it on my radar for Interbike to see if it’s there.

  12. phattie18 Says:

    who do I write the check out too…I want a La Cruz….yesterday…how much? and where do I send it!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEET DADIO..

  13. Suzanne Says:

    I’m thinking of a La Cruz for Cross racing this fall! I wanted a high quality steel frame that I could afford. It looks way sweet except I’m worried about the disc only set-up because of the UCI rules and all… any comments?

  14. Guitar Ted Says:

    Suzanne: Well, it is not going to fly under UCI radar, but the La Cruz can compete in any unsanctioned cross events around the country and there are plenty of those in most areas. For a Salsa that is UCI legal I’d look at the Chile Con Crosso, an excellent cross machine and by many accounts is actually a better ride than the La Cruz for pure crossin’ ! 🙂

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