GT Debuts '08 Line Up For 29"ers

GT Bicycles, which had one lone 29″er in it’s line up for 2007, has expanded their offerings for ’08 to include a disc brake equipped Peace single speed, a geared version of the Peace, and this I-Drive 29″er full suspension bike. The bike is called the Marathon 9R and is part of it’s Marathon series of mountain bikes.

GT looks to be getting very serious about their mountain bike offerings again and these 29″ers are looking to be in that same vein. You can check out the specs on this new FS 29″er here.

Check for more ’08 updates soon.


No Responses to “GT Debuts '08 Line Up For 29"ers”

  1. George Krpan Says:

    Geared version of the Peace, yes!

  2. Desert9r Says:

    Better than the gearing is the disc! Thank God!

    made no sense to have disc on the 26er and rim on the 9r !?

    all I have to say about the Marathon is, I stopped believing in/liking GT(after buying a 96 outpost, I runing it into the ground) When they came out with the I-drive.
    its just to damn complicated to be good!

    I wonder how the geared Peace is going to stack-up against Bianchis new geared rigid!!!?

  3. Stan Says:

    The new line looks really good! It’s good to see GT getting their mess together once again.

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