Spotted! Schwalbe Racing Ralph In 29"

Schwalbe Tires 29er

This picture of a Niner with 2.3 inch 29″er Racing Ralphs has surfaced on the Internet recently. Schwalbe, which previously had only a couple narrowish tires for off roading in a size they called “28 inch”, (Typical German designation for wide 700c trekking tires) now appears to have seen the light as these are reportedly marked as “29 inch” tires.

Hopefully we will be gaining more information very soon as the Eurobike Show starts in earnest today. Look for any news concerning this tire or other tidbits to come here on Twenty Nine Inches


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  1. BearSquirrel Says:


    Finally a smooth roller in a big package!!

  2. marty_hd Says:

    I asw them on an Ellsworth at Eurobike and I believe they said 29×2.4 on the rubber.

  3. Franz Says:

    Marty is right. And also the Schwalbe-Website itself says that the RR will be aviable in 2,25″ and 2,4″ width.

    It’d be so cool if the 2.4″ RR fits into my Nishiki Bigfoot FS-Frame.

  4. Cloxxki Says:

    I saw the 2.4″ mounted in a DT 100mm fork (ample clearance), the rear was in an Ellsworth Evolve (can’t take much bigger). And that on a DT 7.1 rim, not wide.

    Sit down. Hold on tight. The 2.4″ looks like the WTB Weirwolf 2.55 could be fitted INSIDE it. It’s simply hu-mon-gous.
    One of the designers was expecting it to be a problem with most frames on the market. And I’d like that actually.

    640g claimed, triple compound, evolution casing. It’ll be fast.

  5. professed Says:

    Yahoo !

    The RR is popular as a superb hardpack ( ie Aussie condition) 26″ speed roller.

    The time has come ! Great news.
    The 2.4 on the rigid front for 1″ of suspension and 2.25 back – on my wish list for a super fast and comfy ride….

  6. Cloxxki Says:

    Do realize this is a totally revamped RR tread. Nothing remained the same. It’s now like a Nobby Nic, with higher knob count. Somewhere in between the NN and the Kenda Small Block Eight, so to say.

    The old RR thread was awesome on sand-based trails. I am expecting the new one to shine more on the gravel side of the dry conditions range. I hope I’m wrong though, and we won’t be able to tell a difference, just more speed. Man, the 26×2.4″ old RR was already such a great tire. I regard it as the next best thing to a true 29″ setup. Take out the multiple mid-corner corrections that go with its 26″ size, add some absolute grip+traction for 29″, and remove a good chunk of rolling resistance. A tall order to live up to that expectation, but it just might.

  7. Chuckc1971 Says:

    Anyone have a release date for this tire in the states? I am chomping at the bit?

  8. Professed Says:

    been told end november intntl. release.

    looking forward to Cloxxki’s review…you got your pair yet bro’ ?

    PS: A Knobby Nic in 29″ would be superb wet/bad condition tyre. Saw a pair of narrow ones on a 26″ simply claw and bite its way through mud and muck last weekend with unbelieavable ease….

  9. Chuckc1971 Says:

    Does that mean January in real time?

    Can’t wait….

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