Marin '08 29"er News: Sneak Peek

I have found these images scanned from a dealer catalog that show two of the four Marin 29″ers for ’08. Enjoy!

Pine Mountain SS

This is the top of the line steel hard tail single speed, the Pine Mountain.

Marin '08

Marin '08

These are the two colors available for the sub $1000.00 geared hard tail made in aluminum.

More information as it turns up.


No Responses to “Marin '08 29"er News: Sneak Peek”

  1. pinepig Says:

    As far as I can tell from the lo-res photos, the single-speed looks pretty sharp. I wish they were offering a geared bike with a better quality steel frame.

  2. martini Says:

    The Pine Mountain is also geared ready. From the pics I’ve seen, it comes with a hanger, and braze ones for a full housing run(disc brake style, cliped).

  3. pinepig Says:

    That’s cool, but the EBB thoroughly kills the joy for me.

  4. martini Says:

    Well, that’s a weak excuse.

  5. GreenLightGo Says:

    I like the top tube shape on the two geared models. Nice and swoopy.

  6. henry miller Says:

    Show me a ‘swoopy” 29″ SS. I’ll show you my Visa #. Deal ?

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