Trek World '08 Part 2:Bits and Pieces

Here are some tidbits of information I garnered along with a hint and a rumor:

Bontrager XR Tubeless Ready 29″er Tires Available: Along with the preceding releases of the Dry X and ACX Tubeless Ready Tires, Bontrager has now added the excellent XR tire in a Tubeless Ready form. Watch for several more Tubeless Ready Bontrager tires to trickle out over the next few months.

Gear Up Your ’08 Rig Remember how I mentioned that the Rig had a lot of new details for ’08? Well, one of them is the newly designed drop out which will accept a bolt on aluminum hangared drop out module so you could gear up your Rig. No cable stops are provided, so it would have to be a full housing run, but a 1 X 9 set up on a Rig might be a nice option for those who want one bike to do everything and yet retain the cleaness of the single speed frame when they desire that. Also noteworthy is the wheelset, which the specs say is a Bontrager single speed hub/Duster rimmed wheel, but the show bike had a Rhythm wheelset with a single speed spacer kit. The Fisher guys were saying this is how it will come to shops. That means gearing up your Rig would be even easier! (I also noted that the catalog had a picture of a Rig with a Rhythm wheel set too.)

Rumor #1: Fox Aftermarket 29″er Forks I am hearing that Fox will be releasing a longer offset 29″er fork as an aftermarket piece, which isn’t big news. The news is what the off set will be. It will not be G2 offset. It will be a reportedly 46mm offset instead. G2 is only available from Fisher at this point. No word on the exclusivity regarding SRAM/Rock Shox Reba G2’s though. Look for the Fox 29″er fork to become available late in the year.

Rumor #2: Supercaliber ’08 to be released as a 29″er? You might notice that the Super Caliber Race Day 29″er full suspension bike isn’t being talked about much and that the 26″er version has been replaced. It’s replacement is eerily like a version of a Sugar, only all grown up with a full carbon rear end, beefed up pivot point, and new designs for the linkage and what not. When asked if this new three inch, XC specific design might see 29″er duty, I didn’t get a “no”. Maybe this is what we may see coming out in the spring as a mid year introduction? We’ll be keeping tabs on this possibility.

Some MSRP’s For You: I’ve been getting a lot of requests for MSRP’s on ’08 Fisher 29″ers. Here are some. Keep in mind that these are suggested retail and that they can change without warning. So do not take this as “gospel”. Check it out:

Superfly: $3299.99
HiFi Plus: $2089.99
HiFi Deluxe: $2639.99
HiFi Pro: $3019.99
X-Cal: $1539.99
Cobia: $1039.99

Street prices may be somewhat less. Please check with your local dealers for exact pricing.

That’s it from Trek World ’08. Stay tuned for updates as they become available


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  1. Joe Says:

    Are 29r’s the new category in which bike makers will now try to increase revenue and net profit? I hope they love us and don’t want to make up for lost net income in other categories by making it up with sick margins in the 29’r sector – I suspect they aren’t enough of us to move the needle but as the 29’r movement becomes more mainstream… might see what I call the “road bike effect” whereby all the world’s richies jump in on the game, demand for product soars, and the manufacturers and retailers then start getting greedy.

    For example, how is it possible a carbon road bike that is made in China for $350 can possibly have a retail cost of $3299 on the showroom floor when equipped with Dura Ace? Think about it >>>>>

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    Joe: You’ve got a lot of questions, but I can not answer you without some specifics.

    I can say the following with confidence:

    #1. Businesses are in it for the money. Yes, profits are the name of the game. Hopefully you are satisfied with what you traded your money for. If you are, then it was “worth it”, no matter what the profit margin is/was.

    #2 The world’s “richies” ( your term, not mine), usually get richer because they have something others want. Nobody is pointing a gun to anybodies head and making them buy these bling-bling road machines and 29″ers. And besides, if you had something for sale that would net you crazy profit, are you telling me you wouldn’t sell it? That’s noble, but not very realistic.

    #3, Your road bike example lacks detail enough for me to comment, but if you research it, I doubt you will need me to answer that question.

  3. Wv Mt Biker Says:

    Is there no Paragon this year.

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    Wv Mt Biker: Yes, there is. We profiled it on our Big Wheeled Ballyhoo posts and also on a subsequent Fisher G2 Geometry post.

    It’s a mighty fine bike for the money. SRAM

  5. 2008 X-Cal Says:

    How much will the rig and paragon cost this year?

  6. Vandal Says:

    Something I’ve wanted to know is if the oem Fox G2 forks that are exclusive to Fisher have the same features and internals as the non-G2 aftermarket forks. Some oem forks are *modified* versions of the aftermarket equivalents in order to reduce costs to the bike maker. Common changes are fewer external adjustments and less sophisticated internals.

  7. Pat Says:

    Did fisher say anything about the Ferrous 29? Is there a new G2 Ferrous 29 coming out later this year or next year? I see it is the same 2007 on the website.

  8. Joe in the LBC Says:

    I picked up an ’08 Hi Fi Plus 29 this past weekend at an LBS in Santa Monica Ca and the pricetag was $1899.00 though a closer shop could special order the 21″ frame I wanted for the same price. I was sold after the test ride when I felt how responsive the front end was with the G2 offset, VERY quick handling bike with a ‘sports car’ feel. The combo of the Reba G2/Fox RP2 really feels good and it made sense to spend the extra $300 to move up from a hardtail. Nice pastel mint-sage color too!

  9. Guitar Ted Says:

    2008 X-Cal: I remember the Rig being $1100.00, but the Paragon I’m not sure on. I will check that out.

    Vandal: The forks will be identical with the exception of the lowers, specifically the dropouts.

    Pat: The Ferrous is a “carry over” from ’07 and as of now will not be changed to reflect G2 geometry.

  10. Guitar Ted Says:

    I should also note here that the Rig will have cable stops to fit derailluer cables to. This was posted by “Fisherguy” in the previous posts comment section. The show bike did not have these cable stops, but the stock bikes coming to your dealers will.

    I appologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

  11. Glenn Says:

    All MSRPs are listed on the Fisher site. Can’t wait to see these in person.

  12. Me Says:

    I’m confused, isn’t there already a 29’er Supercaliber? If not, what the heck am I riding??

    I don’t think they have changed anything on their Race Day line, even the colors, over the last three years, so it doesn’t surprise me that they would redesign some stuff.

  13. Guitar Ted Says:

    Me: The Supercaliber is being carried over from ’07. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it fade away, ’cause it ain’t in the catalog! 🙂

  14. 2008 X-Cal Says:

    I heard that the X-Cal and Cobia won’t be available until the beginning of October? Is this correct? Has anyone seen them in stores yet?

    Are the 29 HiFi’s available now? Joe in the LBC did you actually get one or just order it? I heard they are not available until October as well?


  15. Kat29 Says:

    Cobia will be available beginning of Oct, X-Cal and Paragon end of Sept. HiFi Plus in the Green only 3 available(Trek Werehouse) in a 15.5 as of now.

    Good availability for the Ferrous in the 15.5 and 17.5.

  16. Joe in the LBC Says:

    2008 X-Cal:
    I lucked out and found exactly the size I wanted, an 08′ 21″ HiFi Plus in with some 07′ Cannondale Caffeine 29’s and a couple of last years cobia’s and a ferrous in the shop’s 29er section and it was the ONLY full suspension 29er they had. The sales guy said they had just gotten that one HiFi in that morning, the ONLY one they had of any size so I grabbed it after a test ride. I’m just speculating but I think the fisher dealers are getting one each to start out right now since I’ve seen only a single HiFi at a couple of other dealers but they weren’t the size I wanted.

  17. Arleigh Says:

    Joe- You might be the customer I sold our ONE Hifi Plus in a 21″ to. I’ll leave real names out for now.

    We did as a shop get in a 29er Hifi Plus. It wasn’t in our shop more than a week before it was sold.

    Availability –

    Cobia – November depending on size.
    Paragon – December depending on size.
    Rig – November Depending on size
    Superfly – No idea
    X-Cal – December depending on size

  18. Arleigh Says:

    29er Hi Fi Availability –

    HiFi Plus –
    15.5″ – 4 in stock in WI
    17.5″ – N/A
    19″ – 1 in stock in WI
    21″ – 3 in stock in WI

    Other than these bikes there is no ETA on anything. Also after stock gets below 5 I normally don’t trust it. Call your local fisher dealer to order it ASAP!

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