Trek World '08 Part 1:In Photos

The star of the 29″er line up for Fisher in ’08 is undoubtedly the Superfly. It’s the lightest mountain bike frame ever to come out of the Trek companies and is priced at a rediculously low price that should keep it in high demand.

'08 X-Cal in Vanilla

Another hit with the show attendees was the new X-Cal in this yummy vanilla color. (Mmmm! Ice cream!) Anyway, it has hydraulic brakes, a Fox G2 fork, and the new hydroformed aluminum frame that does away with all of the old problems all for a sub $1400.00 price.

'08 Cobia

The Cobia is an interesting bike again this year. With the frame upgrades and a sub $1000.00 sticker price, it should be a hot seller. Fisher reps were saying that the fork was a G2 geometry Tora, but the show sample was clearly a “standard” offset Tora. With a G2 fork on board, this bike should blow away the competition in the handling department.

'08 Rig

The new Rig also gets a frame update, but in a huge change from standard EBB bikes the Rig will now have a 73mm bottom bracket shell width! Also, the EBB itself will be machined out for lightness. This does several things. It helps increase frame clearances, it is said to reduce the possibilities of creaking, and is lighter weight. Of course, the G2 handling comes in this single speed package now too. Small details abound in regards to changes, so this Rig is an all new animal.

Prototyper XR Race tire

In new product news, their is a new race oriented Tubeless Ready Tire in developement based off the excellent XR tire. No news of weights or availability dates, but the prototype tire felt pretty dang light in the hand and had a tread that was a “shaved” version of the XR. It should be an ultra fast, low rolling resistance tire for those looking to gain that extra edge in an XC event.

So many requests for the Fisher grassroots 29″er Team Jersey were recieved by Fisher’s repa and home office that they finally decided to give the masses what they want. look for this to become available by the end of the year.

Fisher Merino Wool trainer

I saw this and started drooling! Merino wool and a retro Fisher logo? Are you kidding me?!

Of course the Hi Fi’s were there and the Paragon, but that’s all been covered before, so I didn’t include that here. Other highlights included Bontrager’s “Charger” rechargeable air pump that runs off 110 volt, 12 volt, or off it’s own battery charge and will pump up tires to 200psi! Also, the Bontrager saddle line has been upgraded and a “bum impression” system will be available at select retailers that will help you choose the perfect saddle for your specific anatomy. Pretty cool!

Finally, there was a new 26 inch bike in the Super Caliber that is replacing the 26 inch wheeled Race Day model. Based on more of a Hi Fi-like rear swingarm, the bike features an all carbon rear end and a much stiffer platform than the Race Day model had. Rumor has it that some day a 29″er model may pop up with this technology geared at shorter travel, XC types with about three inches front and rear, like the 26″er models have. Stay tuned for any updates regarding that.


No Responses to “Trek World '08 Part 1:In Photos”

  1. Mike Says:

    Trek’s US website has been updated; shows all 3 69’ers.

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    Mike: Yep, I saw them there and Travis Brown says that the dealers were pretty pumped about them. Look for these to hit the trails soon!

  3. BunE Says:

    I saw one in Kansas City Saturday Morning. Its OK…Not the same though. Viva La Differance!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve been pleading for an XR Race tire for years. Lower the knobs, be happy 🙂
    Fisher is looking better than ever. I believed in G2 before it hit. This WILL be the new world standard. Join them, or be left behind.
    Good luck Spocialized with your “secret” geometry. Gary knows where it’s at getting bikes to handle. Let alone big wheeled bikes.

  5. Cloxxki Says:

    That was me posting.
    And wasn’t the Trek OCLV a lighter mtb frame? Love the Superfly anyways though.

  6. Horses Says:

    Dude, I love you, but, can you please resize the pictures a bit when you post them in the thread and just link to the full sized ones? 7 2048*1536 1MB images on a page kind of kills my browser.

  7. Daniel Says:

    Will there also be a frame only or a frame&fork offer of the superfly?

  8. Guitar Ted Says:

    Cloxxki: The Trek guys are saying the Superfly frame is lighter than the 9.9, so this is where I got that info. Agreed on the G2 geometry. It’s going to change everything.

    Horses: My upload program is supposed to automatically optimize the sizes of my photos. Sorry!

    Daniel: I’m thinking no, based on the feeling that I get that Fisher won’t be able to keep these in stock as it is. I wouldn’t look for a frame/fork offering for at least a year. I could be wrong, but there was not a thing said about frame/fork availability.

  9. Wv Mt Biker Says:

    What will be the MSRP of the superfly

  10. michael Says:

    Any word yet on the actual geometry measurements for these hardtails?

    Also, on the Cobia, are you thinking that Rockshox just doesn’t have the larger offset version of the Tora ready yet, and that’s why it wasn’t on the Cobia at this show?

  11. KonaSS Says:

    For show attendess or others in the know…

    Does anyone know the numbers behind “G2 Geometry.” I think I have gathered that the fork has 51mm of offset, but that is only one number of the equation. How about HTA and the rest of the numbers for the bike.

    My first 2 29ers were a Rig and a Paragon. I have since moved on, but still regard Fisher as making solid bikes. My only gripe is that fact that Fisher doesn’t never seems to publish what to me is crucial information. They seem to think that the effective top tube and standover is all one needs to know.

  12. ZombieWV Says:

    What is wrong with Trek Corp? Why are they marketing all the super cool 29ers under Fisher, while the Trek name gets a bunch of niche market Betamax 69ers? It sucks being a Trek dealer.

  13. Desert9r Says:

    Does the superfly come in vanilla?

  14. NCJ01 Says:

    This is the first time in a long time I’ve been Jazzed about Fisher’s products. Glad to see they are fixing the hardtail frames. I may have a X-cal in my future.

  15. Topher Says:

    Any MSRP info on the 08 line? Specifically the new Rig and Superfly. By the looks of the Rig the spec is much improved; Rhythm wheels, Fox fork, etc.

  16. Oderus Says:

    I was at Trek world this weekend as well. While the idea behind G2 geometry is solid, I still have trouble wrapping my head around that 69 degree head angle on their 29ers. I have ridden the Paragon (old and new) and neither is a responsive as the Niner that I own. While I get that G2 sharpens up the steering a bit, I found that steering was sluggish. People complain that 29ers steering is slow, I still think it’s because they are riding/testing these bikes built with such slack head angles. I think that the G2 fork with a 71 to 72 degree head angle would probable be really responsive. Maybe someday…………..

    By the way, what did you think of Gary’s black body suit?

  17. Oderus Says:

    One other thing of note. The Rythm line of 29er wheels looks pretty good. I ordered a set of the Elites this morning. The rim is available after market as well . Though it is called the Duster. It comes 32 hole and should be tubeless compatible with the Bontrager rim strips.

  18. Cloxxki Says:

    Are G2 bikes really that slack up front? If you want it quicker, get a Specialized (71.6º says German BIKE mag) with the same 51mm offset fork.
    On-One’s are 72º+47mm offset. My Redline Flight handles great at 71º+47mm. I’d love to try a bike that usually has 72º/80mm travel, and stick in a 100mm/51mm fork. Makes it 71º/51mm. My bud just got a used On-One Scandal frame, a Fox 100mm G2 fork would be interesting on that.

  19. Race29 Says:

    I lined up at a Colorado XC race yesterday with a guy riding JHK’s new Superfly. It was pretty nice and had the new Reba with offset, but he said it had a headtube angle of 70 degrees. It was 23.5 lbs. with NoTubes 355 rims and American Classic hubs, carbon Bontrager road cranks, Juicy Ultimates and XO shifters + deraileurs. I never have handling issues with my Mamasita and its 73 degree headtube with a Reba. How good can can Fisher’s revised geometry be?

  20. BunE Says:

    WTH? I just bought at SuperCal!? Is it now obsolete!? NOOOOOOOOO!

  21. Desert9r Says:

    Talking about steering response, my XXIX is awesome!, though I don’t know the geometry, but I imagine the +G is the same.

  22. Guitar Ted Says:

    Guys: Your geometry comments are telling me that many of you don’t understand what’s going on here. (Cloxxki, I’m surprised especially at you 🙂 )

    Looks like a Geometry School session is in order. I’ll post on that later tonight.

    For now, suffice it to say that there are a lot of ways to add up to 100. You can not just look at one number and make a judgement.

    It’s all about trail, baby. Trail is where it’s at! 😉

  23. Oderus Says:

    There are indeed many ways to count to 100. The GF’s only add up to 99 in my book. Don’t get me wrong, I like the bikes. They are well spec’d and look good. I simply think that they could handle better. I agree that decreasing the trail is a great idea, but it’s just not enough to really quicken the handling of the bike. Namely in regards to steering speed and response. I fully understand the G2 geometry, but bottom line is, it doesn’t compensate enough for that slack head angle. I find it interesting that the Trek 69ers do use a 72 degree head angle. Hmmmm, 29″ front wheel with a steeper head angle…….Travis Brown races one……….hmmmmm. I wonder why that is. I would bet keeping the G2 offset with say a 71 head angle would be sufficient.

  24. Guitar Ted Says:

    Oderus: Funny you should mention Travis Brown. I just spoke with him yesterday regarding G2 geomtry and he was telling me how he helped develope it with the Fisher team and that he felt that they nailed the 26″er like handling in a 29″er.

    Also, Trek’s numbers are for an unweighted bike. So that handling package is leaned more towards the very quick side. Just like a racer such as Travis would prefer, you are correct in that assumption. However, not everyone wants to ride herd on a nervous nelly hardtail going down their favorite trail. Especially on a longer ride. This is why the trail figures for G2 come in the more nuetral theater for 26″er handling. Not so much towards the super quick side, like the 69er you describe.

  25. delzey Says:

    Hey gang, for all the naysayers: the Fisher website is updated with all the ’08 info!! And the head angle for the HiFi is 71 degrees (unsagged). Check it out:

  26. Guitar Ted Says:

    delzey: Thanks. I was told the “new” website would be going live next week, but this is welcome news.

  27. Glenn Says:

    Wow, I really want to hear from all of the folks that get to ride the new G2 geometery. Are my eyes deceiving me, or is the wheelbase *longer* on the G2 than previously?

    Decisions, decisions. Try to find a deal on an ’07 or wait for the ’08?

  28. Oderus Says:

    Of course Travis is going to tell you that, he did help develop it. Doesn’t change the fact that his own bikes are not set up that way. The 69er has the same front end with the steeper head angle. (which he also helped develop). Also, Fisher list the specs for both weighted and unweighted. The weighted head angle on the hardtails is still under 70 degrees!

    Delzey, the Hi Fi is steepened to compensate for the fact that when you sit on that back and the rear suspension sags, that head angle will slacken

  29. Cloxxki Says:

    With a 69º HTA, the front wheel would be pushed up by 2.5º over the “old” Genesis. Worth 18mm or so.
    Add to that the 12mm extra offset, and you get a 30mm longer front centre. If the 69º would be true, I consider it unlikely they’d correct the top tube enough to not have the G2 grow longer.
    I would totally believe 71º though. And I have a decent idea of how it will ride, my Redline Flight has 71º+47mm offset and rides more than fine. A bit more offset and surely it would be as racey as I’ll ever need.

    It makes sense to not immediately give details of the G2 geometry, and keep a full year’s lead over the rest of the pack. Fisher are sold in such numbers, that other manufacturers can only build bikes which differ versus the Fishers, or at least they will be compared to it.

    71º is most common in 26″. 29″, to keep the same trail figure, takes 8mm more offset. As 29″ has other things going on making it feel stable, going 13mm more offset than a typical 26″ fork can be done without making it overly quick or nervous. Makes sense to me. And front centre and/or don’t get nearly as much out of hand as with 69º.

    BTW, the HIFI’s HTA lists as 71º unsagged, 70º sagged. A 4″bike though, expected to be slightly slacker than the racerboy Superfly?
    As far as I know, all previous Fisher geometry was listed sagged.

  30. Guitar Ted Says:

    Oderus: So, Travis is B.S.-ing me and you are telling the truth? (yawn!) And just so you know, the weighted head angle of the hardtails in a 19 inch size is one tenth of a degree less than 70. Congratulations on your “victory”.

    However, we all know that arguing static numbers is foolishness when it comes to the dynamics of suspension as it’s ridden on a trail and what that does to geometry, right? 😉

    I’ve worked out trail figures for several scenarios involving changes in head angle with the G2 versus other popular hardtails. My figures show that G2 will typically be a bit more quick through a range of travel than most 72 degree bikes with standard Reba offset forks. I think we can agree that this is what most folks are riding if they have a front suspended hardtail.

    And with dynamics figured into the equation, you can usually only get a true feeling for a bike by riding one. I have ridden G2 geometry 29″ers. I can confidently say that it makes a difference in handling over what we’ve had before. I have ridden lots of other set ups too with head angles ranging from 70 degrees to 73 degrees and with varying fork offsets. G2 feels the most spot on of any of them save for one bike I have ridden which was a custom.

    So, Oderus, you are certainly welcome to have your opinion. However, it’s not like I have to believe Travis Brown, or anyone else for that matter. I’ve ridden it and I know G2 is going to blow away a lot of what was previously thought about 29″ers handling. That’s my experience and my opinion, and I stand behind it.

    Cloxxki: Actually the Superfly is listed as having a 69.9 degree head angle sagged for a 19″. Sounds crazy, but read mattmoto’s report on and you will see that it didn’t hinder him at all. In fact he reports what many are already saying about G2.

  31. Glenn Says:

    Any comments on why they switched from the ZR9000 (7001 aluminum) to a 6066 aluminum? What effects would this have on the ride?

  32. Fisherguy Says:


    Here’s the word.

    Sagged head angle = 70 degrees for large and XL and 69.7 for Sm and Md.

    The wheelbase is slightly longer than the old bike, but even smaller than what’s on paper since historically we showed sag at 25% of fork stroke and now we measure sag at 10% of stroke which has proven out to be where most (not all) people ride their forks.
    2008 G2 Medium Hardtail wheelbase at sag (10%) = 1107mm
    2007 Genesis Medium 29 Hardtail wheelbase at sag (25%) = 1101mm

    This hopefully shows that G2 is more than just a headangle and fork geometry… The goal was to control for all of these variables which have historically been compromised. Now, we can maintain wheelbase and define where we want the rider on the bike as well as their reach and the steering geometry.

    One other note. Although the showbike of the Rig didn’t have routing for the gears… Production bikes will. It was an early “for show” sample only that we had on display.


  33. Cloxxki Says:

    Fisherguy, what axle-crown do you suppose for “sagged” now? And what was the a-c supposed for the 2007 bikes?

  34. Guitar Ted Says:

    Glenn: I figure the change was made to accomodate the hydroforming of the frame tubing on the redesigned frames. ZR 9000 is more brittle and probably not suited to that technique.

    Fisherguy: Thanks for chiming in. Your input is appreciated. 🙂

    Cloxxki: The forks were different, (Reba vs Fox) so maybe axle to crown isn’t as critical in a critique of the ’08 line in comparison to the ’07 line. Different parameters all the way around, wouldn’t you agree?

  35. Cloxxki Says:

    I still would like to know the figures calculated with, because of rigid forks, etc.

  36. MariachiBandit Says:

    I have to agree with Oderus. I have ridden the old and new 29ers and they still seem sluggish compared to my Salsa Mariachi (steel is real baby!). Of note: The Ferrous 29er has the steeper angle that the other models don’t!

  37. Guitar Ted Says:

    MariachiBandit: While the Salsa Mariachi indeed does sterr rather well, it’s still not as quick as Salsa’s own Mamasita, nor as quick as the new G2 bikes, in my opinion.

    The Ferrous, while having a steeper head angle also runs a 38mm offset, so some minute handling issues arise from that which G2 doesn’t suffer from.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    The photos of the Vanilla Cobia and the Vanilla Rig look like the same frame (sans EBB and guides).

  39. Guitar Ted Says:

    Anonymous: Actually, that “vanilla Cobia” is the X-Cal, (Actual color name is Ceramic White) and the Paragon, X-Cal, Cobia, and Rig all share the same basic frame, with the excepted EBB on the Rig.

  40. ham sandwich Says:

    Has anyone heard how much the Superfly weighs ?

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