A Cannondale Rumor And Some Trek/Fisher News

Here’s a couple of tidbits going into the weekend for you to chew on:

A Scalpel 29″er? I have an anonymous source telling me that Cannondale is currently testing a 29 inch wheeled version of it’s Scalpel full suspension bike. The source said that plans are to bring this proven design and technology to the 29″er realm but not until the ’09 season. Well, that’s a long wait but it leaves plenty of time to save your ducats!

Trek World This Weekend The Trek/Fisher/LeMond/Bontrager dealer only show is this weekend up in Madison, Wisconsin. Look for a full pictoral report along with any other tidbits that I can dredge up myself. We will be posting things like images of the Cobia, X-Cal, and Rig 29″ers for ’08 along with Trek’s “69er” line up. Stay tuned for that and more next week!


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  1. ~bc Says:

    I’ve been debating getting a 29″ or a dual-suspension for my next XC rig. Then I was thinking a low rear travel 29″ and I love my current Cannondale… and on my ride yesterday all I could think about was a 29″ Scalpel. And now you announce this today. But can I wait till ’09? Cannondale, help me spend my money!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You’ll be fine on a Fisher HiFi till Cannondale has figured out 29″ geometry. Read any reveiw 🙂

  3. arkadi Says:


    08 Trek and Fisher pics here. The Rig looks sweet.

  4. carno Says:

    Nat Ross’ HiFi 29 (a lot of pics):


  5. Monk3y Mike Says:

    Word on the Scalpel 29 project was that there were issues with the chainstay length and the flex that needed to be resolved. In the meantime, the Kona Hei-Hei 2-9 with 2.5″ of travel will be out next month or October. The boys up here at the Kona factory are promising a demo bike for us to play with….

  6. Glenn Says:

    Hopefully MSRPs are available now. I’m trying to decide if I should buy an ’07 Paragon or wait for the ’08 model. the MSRP will help me decide that… plus the finalized component spec on the ’08.

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    Glen: Yes, that stuff is available and I will have some of that info posted later, probably at the beginning of the week.

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