Marin '08 29"er News

I got a sneek peek at a Marin Dealer book today and saw that Marin is introducing four new 29″er models for ’08. Two will be single speeds and two will be geared.

I only got a very short peek, and there were no photographs, but my source has promised to provide the full specs and photos as soon as he can get them. What I can say is the following:

In a trend that I’m sure will be a common theme for ’08 29″ers, Marin has plans to introduce a single speed retailing for under $400.00 called the Hamilton. This model will have linear pull brakes and in an interesting move, it will come stock with hybrid tires. It will have room for true 29″er tires and some dealers are already indicating that they will be swapping out tires to fat 29″er rubber as they build the bikes for the show room. The next bike up the line will be geared and also will come with the hybrid tires on board with room to swap to off roadable rubber. No word on the geometry, but I’ve been assured that these will indeed be true off roadable machines.

There will be another geared aluminum hardtail with a Dart fork which should still be a sub $1000.00 bike. Then the top of the line steel single speed will have a highly formed, triple butted steel frame. The single speed will have Avid Juicy 3 brakes and some other fine equipment with a MSRP of around $1400.00.

As soon as we can get more info, we will post it here. Stay tuned!


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  1. George Krpan Says:

    Hopefully one of the four is a geared and fully rigid.

  2. Humber Thumper Says:

    Hi Ted!

    Any news if the frames will have disc mounts?

    I love my GF, but the idea of a 29″er Marin sounds reeal goood, but only with disc brakes.


  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    George: Your wish is coming true. πŸ˜‰

    Humber Thumper: I can not confirm if all of the frames are disc ready. Obviously the top of the line model and the Dart equipped geared hard tail are disc brake bikes. Once I get the complete specs and photos we will all know for sure. I will say that it would be a huge mistake on Marin’s part if the Hamilton were not disc compatible.

  4. Chris Says:


  5. Tim Says:

    Please, oh please let the SS bikes use something other than an EBB for chain tensioning … any word?

  6. BunE Says:

    ebb bad? no way!

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    Chris: You seriously didn’t ask that question, did you? Re-read the post, you’ll see the answer. πŸ™‚

    Tim: Sorry, I didn’t pic up on that during my all to brief a glimpse. We’ll have to wait for the specs to be sent to us.

  8. Stan Says:

    I’m still in denial. I refuse to believe that Marin will not offer a butted, steel, geared-specific bike, the equivalent of their Pine Mountain. I will use my ESP powers, Tai-Chi, yoga, and Shaq-Fu to persuade them to change their minds…..

  9. Desert9r Says:

    Tim- I totally agree with you! EBBs SUCK!

    the EBB is the Only thing wrong with my XXIX, I got So pissed at it, I used Blue locktite and put a 1x drive on it.

    my Next 29er is probably going to be a Soma Juice ( slidin DOs W/ a derailer hanger(the way all bikes should be))

  10. Tim Says:

    I had SO much trouble with my Niner EBB, got rid of it completely and am now happily riding a Bianchi Rita with horizontal drops. No more creaking, slipping, cleaning, adjusting seat position, adding/removing chain links, etc. … ahhh, nice.

    Although a steel frame would be tempting … πŸ™‚

  11. BunE Says:

    I have had zero trouble with my EBB. It runs perfect and I locked it in early. Stop tinkering and ride!

  12. Desert9r Says:


    On my First ride, my EBB came loose! after a 20 yr bike mechanic/ rock climber assembled the bike. this guy tightens bolts so tight it takes 2 mechanics to loosen them.

    and the EBB Still came loose.

  13. Guitar Ted Says:

    Hmm………I’ve been a bike mechanic for thirteen years now and I have seen several examples of tandems with EBB’s that have zero problems at all coming loose or creaking. None. Zero.

    I realize mtb’s get different stresses and abuse, but a lot of these tandems I see are ridden consistently and in all sorts of conditions.

    I would venture a guess and say that there are some poorly executed EBB’s out there and there are some dang good ones too. Your mileage may vary.

    That said, in the short period of time that I had my XXIX, I did not experience anything odd with my EBB, other than it wouldn’t account for a two tooth change in gearing. I found that rather disappointing.

  14. martini Says:

    I’ve been on EBB’s for upwards of 6 years now. Both pinch bolt style and Set screw. I’ve also been a mechanic for 17 years(not that that really matters…). I’ve NEVER had a problem with my EBB’s. Easily adjustable. Rock solid when riding. No creaking. No loosening. No loctite(!) applied. My guess is your mechanic screwed up.

    EBB’s are great.
    Sliders are great.
    Track ends are great.
    Single speeds are great.
    BIKES are great.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I have had 0 problems with my EBB. I 6’3 weigh 225 and can generate some power.

  16. jgsatl Says:

    i wish some of these sub $500 single speed bikes would come with a der. hanger option. i know it sounds stupid, but how many folks buy them and decide they wouldn’t mind some gears….at least a 1×9. disc tabs and a der. hanger. that would be cool.

  17. Tim Says:

    Saw this on MTBR –

    Was really looking forward to these bikes … to bad they went with the EBB design.

  18. Desert9r Says:

    Isn’t Marin putting out thr Hamilton, with sliding DOs?

  19. kellan Says:

    anymore info on the hamilton? my lbs carries marin and my mech. didnt know about that one. i am planning on getting a rigid ss 29er and would rather have a marin over a redline

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