Intense Prototype Spy Shots

Intense prototype

Intense Cycles is currently in the process of tweaking their excellent Spyder 29″er model and we have recieved these spy photos of a prototype of the new design. It’s a different model that should be great for the shorter travel needs of trail riders, XC type events, and endurance riders.

Here are some specs that I was provided on this proto type model:
5.25 lb frame weight
Easton EA6X custom tubeset
3.75″ travel (that’s a little less than the Spider 29)
integrated head tube
super-trick CNC parts

Spyder prototype

The bike pictured has a 71 degree head tube angle and is sporting a Manitou Minute 29″er fork with 100mm travel and 48mm of offset.

prototype Intense model

Keep in mind that this is still in prototyping and this geometry and other fine details are not finalized at this time. The new rig, being called the “Spyder light” or “Spyder FRO” is looking to be a light, nimble, and fast addition to the FS 29″er ranks. There is no word as to when such a model like this will be released and of course, no ideas on a price at this time either. Keep in touch here at Twenty Nine Inches for any more updates on this new Intense model.


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  1. The Monkey Says:

    hmmmm, interesting that the 74 degree HTA is being re-thought…

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    Yes, I agree. I think that the option of having the longer offset has helped prompt this. If you recall, the original Spyder 29″er, (in that totally rockin’ camoflage) was done previous to the advent of the “super offset” forks now coming online.

    Now the head angles can be relaxed and the steering can be what Jeff Steber wanted too.

    FYI: Did you know that Steber made/makes custom guitars? 🙂

  3. Jeremy Says:

    I just picked up a spider 29 and the handling is very responsive like a 26er. I’m having an issue with my front derailleur choice and wanted to know what others are using on this frame? I put an xtr top swing m970 on it and there’s very minimal clearance from the suspension arm right behind the seat tube to the point it bangs on descents. Any suggestions would be great. thanks!

  4. BC Says:

    Jeremy– the front derailleurs with the most clearance would be the xt750 (old, but available at your shop through BTI distributor)

    Also, the ’08 XT has some more real estate and fits a lot of 29″ers much better. I’ve heard that the soon-to-come XTR front derailleurs will follow suit.

  5. Jeremy Says:

    Thanks – any thoughts on chain length? – have read about chain lengthening issues with the VPP and people breaking chaings/benging cogs etc.

  6. jb Says:

    I use an older LX (m570, I think?) which is the slightly cheaper version of that m750. The newer ones with the High/Low adjusters positioned farther back are definitely problematic on all Intense frames.

    I initially moved the chain over from my Paragon to my new Spider 29, but found out the hard way that the chain wasn’t long enough. When I replaced the chain, I did add a couple extra links so that there’d be a little slack for suspension movement even in middle-ring, big-cog (I don’t run a big ring). The length issue had more to do with the longer chainstays on the Intense than on my old hardtail. I didn’t take that into consideration when moving the chain over, so it’s my own fault.

    I really like the Spider 29. Did a 40 mile race on it this past weekend, and got to know it pretty well. It’s a fast bike and the steering is really amazing through twisty singletrack.

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