Geax Saguaro 29 X 2.20 Tires: Final Review

Geax Saguaro

Editors Note: The Geax Saguaro tires were tested by me and then turned over to Rob, aka “Captain Bob”, for further testing earlier in the year. Here’s his final review after riding them religiously for approximately four months now.

Twenty Nine Inches recently handed me these fancy new treads. Thankfully GT is just too busy riding that super fancy tubeless stuff that he loaned them to me. That was a while ago. I have had them so long that you’d think they would be worn out after my 650 miles or so that I have on them. Worn out? Wrong! I go into that in a minute. Now for the specs.

Geax Saguaro
29 x 2.20
folding bead
650 grams
Please chime in if I missed something.
$34.99 ea.

Okay, now for my review. I have not been very happy since Geax stopped producing the Sedona’s. I was a huge fan of the 2.25’s. The smaller widths were nice too but the tread spacing got closer & closer with each smaller width. The 2.25’s shed mud great. I would say that my first thoughts on the Saguaro were the same as the Sedona’s. Smooth, fast, ride like they were lighter than they were, excellent grip. They didn’t feel quite as supple though. Most of my first rides were on smooth gravel and pavement. No surprises, they felt fast and smooth. I found my way over to the Scout Camp and instantly realized that I was running way too much tire pressure. The terrain was a mix of singletrack and fire roads. Some off camber trails. For the most part the camp has about everything you need to put a tire to the test. Roots, rocks, dirt and gravel. I lowered the pressure to around 28 psi rear and 25 psi front. That was much better but not quite right. Now I like to run 23 psi rear and 25 psi front. There must be something about the strength of the sidewalls because they do not fold over when cornering. I am a rather big fella too. Right now I weigh 210 lbs. I am running an Alex TD 17 Anti-Snakebite rim if you are curious. Another note, I have not flatted yet with these low pressures and I have hit the rim many many times. Tonights ride was 19 psi rear and 17 psi front. The tires did not roll of the rim and I didn’t flat. The terrain was loose gravel and deep grassy double track. They did seem to get a little too slow and soggy feeling for me though but it was a good test. Other tires I have ridden must have a thinner sidewall because they would have not been rideable at 20 psi.

I think the tires are everything I was hoping they would be. They do everything perfectly on dry hard packed terrain. When things get a little wet/muddy the tire works well. When it gets really muddy they do not work well. They pack up with mud and do not shed it. I have read other reviews where folks thought the tires were horrible in loose steep climbs. I can see how that could happen since the rubber appears to be rather hard and the knobs are close together. I never experienced this though but I think it is because I am on the heavy side and running low pressures. There is only one thing I do not like about them and that is loose gravel road cornering. They do not inspire confidence at all. I think it’s because the tread is close together and the harder rubber compound that causes the loss of control. There is good in this kind of control loss though, it’s predictable. I never dumped it because you can feel it coming in time to correct your steering.

The compound has me wondering, “Why?” Why would the tires you see in this picture (taken 8-8-07) still look almost new? I don’t get it either. I don’t want them to change a thing though. How often do you get a tire that grips this well, rolls this well and lasts this long? Not often. I do wish they would make a 29er Sedona (2.25 tread spacing) though with the Saguaro beefier sidewall. Right now, this Saguaro is my favorite 29er tire for the type of riding I do.

Captain Bob

Thanks Captain! Geax Saguaro tires are available now from many local bike shops and online retailers. Special thanks go out to Brent from Twin Six for providing us these tires to review


No Responses to “Geax Saguaro 29 X 2.20 Tires: Final Review”

  1. Desert9r Says:

    looks too much like the Exiwolf/NanoRaptor for me to be interested

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    Desert9r: Hmm………they couldn’t be more different than the Geax. The Nano has minimal knobs, and zero side knob grip, the Exi has better knobs, and yet still no side knobs to speak of. (In the 29″er version, that is)

    In contrast, the Geax Saguaro has deeper tread than both the Exi and Nano with larger blocks and it has definite side knobs for cornering. The Geax also has an angular crown to the tread profile while both WTB tires mentioned have very rounded tread profiles.

    While it’s true that it may not be your cup of tea, comparing the Saguaro to those two tires and saying they are similar is not a good comparison. In fact, those two WTB tires are kind of in their own universe when it comes to tire design, along with the Weir Wolf LT.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The Geax tires are awesome. I run on both ends. No flats, 28 pounds of air, Best tire out there for me

  4. Desert9r Says:


    to me, looking at a 2D pic of the Geax, they look the same as the nanos and exis, and your talking to a guythat has only ridden the Exi and the Fire XC.

  5. GreenLightGo Says:

    Having run Exiwolfs (26″ version) on my full squish bike – that tread is not close. I’ve got a Saguaro mounted on my Flows, will run it on the rear of my Astrix Rook. I’m glad to hear it’s durable b/c my Rook will see road duty probalby 3-4 days a week as well.

    If anything – it resembles a Huthcinson Python a little (I’ve got one on my full squish right now).

    If it lasts the remaining few months of summer and fall, I’ll probably pull it off and run the Bonty ACX in the rear when the trial gets wet this winter.

    Good looking tire!

  6. Vic Says:

    Off topic question:

    I see you are on a Mamasita. I just built one yesterday and am curious about what you are using to protect the chainstay. Also, what wheels are you running and can you get away with a 2.3 on the rear without getting rub on the off drive chain stay when the wheel flexes? I ask the last question because I have had this problem with my paragon. I weigh about 230 so my bike and rims wiggle a bit more than most.


  7. fritZman Says:

    Totally agree with the review.

    This tire has done everythng for me. It has the weight (680gr) and speed to help me to a 3rd overall at a 100km enduro. But rare for a fast/light’ist tire, it also has the durability to withstand wicked technical trail rides – zero flats despite weighing 185lbs and running 24f/26r psi on a fully rigid setup.

  8. Captain Bob Says:

    Vic….I was running and XT hub with Alex anti-snakebite rims. Not the lightest but seem like strong wheels. I have never run anything larger than the Bontrager XR’s which is a large 2.20. I had plenty of room. I never even think about lateral flex with the Mamasita. I don’t even think it moves that way. Very impressive in my mind. I am 215lbs today but was around 222 when I completed my ride and never experienced any unwanted flex. I think you’ll be just fine.

    For those of you who had riden the Saguaro’s……….be glad they are as popular or they would always be sold out.

  9. mud'n'sweat Says:

    This tire is NOTHING like the WTB’s. I have used one up front all season here on the east coast with excellent results. I have run it rigid mainly, and with my Reba for some enduro’s with excellent results. I typically use a different tire out back (SB8 or XMark as of late). I agree with much of the review and highly recommend this tire myself. Rolls fast, corners well (except gravel as mentioned), fairly light for it’s volume.

  10. Captain Bob Says:

    Vic….forgot to mention that the chainstay guard is an old lizard skin. It was size large back then. If I didn’t have it I would have used electrical tape. The lizard skin doesn’t cover the stay completely but I have no problems with the chain slapping the stay but keep in mind I am not running a small front chainring. Only a 36 tooth up front for me.

  11. anonymous Says:

    Completely agree with the review. I am amazed at how much traction they consistently have. I haven’t had many pack up issues (here on the East coast) and when I have it didn’t noticeably diminish the traction.

    My only issue was when there was when the trails were still a little damp (after the rain). They tire has gobs of traction except when it hits the roots. The almost complete lack of transition between full- and no traction was slightly unnerving. I did however get over it. I love these tires.

  12. GreenLightGo Says:

    I’ve started running mine in the ‘traction’ direction in the rear – there was no real noticeable increase in rolling resistance but I got some more tire hum on the pavement.

    Agree with the traction issue on loose gravel roads. I road 8 miles of state fire roads in Tuskegee National Forest this past weekend, as long as I stayed in the tracks worn by cars, I was ok. If I wandered off into the rocky portion, they got a bit sketchy as the rocks rolled around underneath the tire.

    Overall – great tire though.

  13. okwreckrider Says:

    Try a loose gravel road with the tire turned in the “traction” rotational direction. I’ve had a lot better luck cornering since I flipped it. This is by far the best tire I’ve ever ridden.

  14. JD Says:

    I realize this was a review of the 29r version, but has anyone ridden the 26″ version? The primary reason the Sedona was my favorite 26r tire was the way it rolled easily over rocks compared to anythign else in its class. I still keep searching the web for leftover 2.25 Sedonas with black sidewalls but there apparently aren’t many out there any more Maybe the Sagauro will be my replacemetn for the big-volume, high-profile Sedona.

  15. captain bob Says:

    Try a local Raleigh bike dealership. I know the one in my town has the 26er Saguaro spec’d on some models. I don’t know about the 26er but the 29er rolls just as smooth and fast as the Sedona but the corner on the Saguaro is not quite as good as the Sedona. I still love this tire.

    Good luck!

  16. DrDon Says:

    I realize that this is a dated review, but I have a question that is burning me up. I just installed the TNT versions on my 4in FS and I have the front tire in the traction mode. I did a Google and MTBR search and can find very little comments regarding tread direction for the front. I want to know if I am gaining any benefit at the expense of speed. I’m willing to lose a little efficiency to gain a noticeable, but not expected dramatic increase in traction. Normally I would come to my own conclusions, but that tire is a bear to mount. Thanks, Don.

  17. Captain Bob Says:

    I don’t own a pair of the TNT’s but I know they offer much more cornering grip than the Saguaro’s in this old review. I double you will notice much difference but I cannot confirm for sure.

    I also read that the TNT’s bead stretches quite a bit after it’s been on the rim for a while so you might have a much easier time removing the tire next time.

    Good luck! Maybe others can chime in or you can use the search on this site to see G-Ted’s review of the TNT’s.

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