Bianchi To Add Geared 29"er For '08

Adding to Bianchi’s lone 29″er single speed, the Rita, it appears that Bianchi will be introducing this geared 29″er to the U.S. for 2008. This picture is from Bianchi’s roll out of 2008 product in Europe recently. This model, called the “Sok”, will be sporting a smattering of WTB parts, Avid hydraulic brakes, and SRAM shifters. Retail price is rumored to be somewhere just south of $1800.00.

We’ll look for more on this Bianchi, and other 29″er introductions at the upcoming Interbike trade show. Watch for complete coverage of that event coming your way here on Twenty Nine Inches.


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  1. Satan Spacemonkey Says:

    I’m sure that there will continue to be some nice bikes that will come out of Bianchi but I doubt that they will take the same kind of risks they did when Sky was the product manager there. As it is they are just revamping previous desingns she came up with prior to her departure for Swobo.

    I’m sure that Bianchi will just lumber along for quite some time but as far as anything cool coming out of Hayward or Treviglio, forget it…

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