Raleigh Rumor: Deluxe Model?

I’m hearing through the grapevine that Raleigh is considering making an upgraded model from their XXIX+G. Perhaps made of Reynolds 853, the bike might be called the “XXIX Deluxe” and have a bit of an upgrade in parts spec from the XXIX+G as well.

First off, I say: Do it! I am getting on more and more with my highly personalized XXIX+G all the time and I have a few suggestions for what I would consider to be a better frame for this possible new model.

Whatever steel is chosen, I would certainly make the frame very similar to what the current 29″ers are in Raleigh’s line up. I would make the chainstays attach with a wider stance at the bottom bracket shell to reduce lateral flex, if it’s to be a geared only frame. However; it would be pretty cool to do it with an EBB, like the Ferrous, so one could single speed this bike, or switch out to gears easily. I usually don’t advocate “do-it-all” type frames, but in a higher end price point, it might make more sense to a buyer if he/she can have a choice in how they want the drivetrain to be set up. It also eliminates the flex problem I alluded to.

I might also beef up the diameter of that down tube just a hair for better front triangle rigidity, especially for the L and XL sizes. Finally, I am more a fan of the 72 degree head angle on a suspension corrected frame. This gives the owner power to adjust trail dynamics with the new crop of longer offset suspension forks and enables the use of aftermarket rigid forks without fear of screwing up the handling of the bike, ala the XXIX.

So, there you have it. My “perfect version” of a Raleigh XXIX Deluxe! Just one more thing though, if Raleigh does this, please don’t make it blue! We have too many of that color coming for ’08 already.


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  1. Desert9r Says:

    Personally, I ride my XXIX every day and Love it! icommute 7 miles each way on 38s and I ride Fire XCs off road, I did turn it into a 1×7 drive.
    IF there is a Deluxe I would NOT put an EBB on it. I had trouble with it til I geared the bike, otherwise, I would use a lighter weight tubing, and also offer aa suspension fork OR a carbon rigid, heck I would offer a carbon fork on the XXIX

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I love my XXIX SS. I

  3. Anonymous Says:

    OOPS. I would lke to see the tubing upgrade tricle down to a SS model. Kind of like the MC and the MC from Redline. Maybe a deluxe SS with better tubing ,lighter Wheels ,and a carbon fork and bar. I love my XXIX and think it would be hard to improve upon this frame. I know people that spent a lot more and say they still think the XXIX might be a “little” better

  4. BearSquirrel Says:

    The XXIX+G is a little pricey right now. If anything, it would be great to see them do a fully rigid geared model with an SX-5 derailleur instead of X-7 to get something a little cheaper out to the market.

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