origin8 29 SS

Very lightweight, very responsive handling,great riding bike.
For such an inexpensive frame, the welds look better than a custom bike I had made. This bike rides and feels leagues above it’s price point. get one yesterday.


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  1. AC Says:

    Hi Tim,

    Nice looking bike. Where did you get the frame? I looked online, but cannot find one.


  2. Frank Brigandi Says:

    I sell themin my shop, biketopia. These bikes are incredibly great for the lack of $$$ you have to spend. They ride awesome.

  3. MMcG Says:

    How is the rear tire clearance? Could you fit a tire wider than the Ignitor in back?

  4. Frank Brigandi Says:

    I’d stay with the 1.95 ignitor. any wider would be really tight.

  5. Desert9r Says:

    Frank, What is the tire clearance for the fork, can I run 2.1 Fire XCs ?

  6. Frank Brigandi Says:

    you can run a 2.1 up front yes.

  7. jim Says:

    I just picked one of these up on ebay and I have a few questions.

    1. what is the chainstay length with the wheel slid all the way foward?

    2. it had an odd looking headtube, does it use an external headset?

    BTW, thats a good looking no nonsense SSer you’ve built up.

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