GT Peace 9r Review: Final Update

If you recall during my last update on the 2007 GT Peace 9r, I stated that I thought the headset was somewhat noisy and squeaky. Well, as it turns out, I found out the reason for this not long after I wrote that. I was getting everything set up for a ride and noticed the handlebars felt very stiff when I tried to turn them, sometimes not moving at all. I took the top cap and stem off to get at the headset to see what was going on and bearings began to fall on the ground. Obviously the headset, a Cane Creek unit that was manufactured by TH Industries, was shot. I’m not sure if this is a common problem for this headset, however GT was very helpful in getting a new headset out to me right away and I was back riding quickly.

This headset problem was the second mechanical issue I ran into. If you remember from a previous update, the the Truvativ “Blaze” crank gave me some problems as well. Even with these issues I’d say you get a lot of bike for the $550 pricepoint, however these would be a pretty big dissapointment for most riders if the same things came up soon after a purchase.

As a recap, here’s a quick list of what I think is hot and not-to-hot about the Peace 9r.


  • $549.00 price tag
  • WTB Dual Duty rims and GT hubs
  • Comfortable and responsive handling
  • Frame durability

  • Truvativ “Blazeâ€? crank
  • Cane Creek Headset
  • No disc brake mounts

There are of course plenty more positives about the bike with the WTB Laser V seat, Tektro brakes and levers. And besides the above mentioned problems, there haven’t been any other negatives. If you’re looking for a no-frills singlespeed 29er, take a look at the Peace 9r from GT in 2008. If they can fix the potential headset/crank problems and add some disc brake tabs, this could be a great budget bike.

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If you have any last questions please let me know!

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  1. Giles Jones Says:

    Very common for that Cane Creek headset, I had one in my Giant as standard and replaced it with a proper Cane Creek headset. The original had ball bearings in the usual pressed metal ring. The replacement has proper bearings and it really smooth.

    I’m getting a GT Peace 9R 2008 soon and will replace the headset straight away.

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