WTB Stout 29er Tires

I posted about the new run of tires coming out WTB and these pictures of the new Prowlers. Now I’ve gotten a first hand look at the new WTB Stout tires that were on the 2008 Raleigh XXIX+G.

Click the pictures to see them bigger.

WTB Stout 29er Tires

WTB Stout 29er Tires

WTB Stout 29er Tires


No Responses to “WTB Stout 29er Tires”

  1. j Says:

    Does anyone make colored 29’r tires?

  2. Desert9r Says:

    Has anyone compared these to the Fire XC?

    I love the grip of the Fire XC, but it wear Fast!

    is the stout any more durable?

  3. Devin Says:

    That can’t be right–only 20 grams different between the comp and elite?

  4. Devin Says:

    Whoops, sorry I meant to post in the bontrager wheels post…

  5. bikecop Says:

    looks like a good knob pattern with decent sized side knobs. It seems like tire makers think 29ers should have smaller knobs than their 26″ cousins, but this seems backwards to me. If the 29er has a longer contact patch, then the tire is suspended over more trail obstacles, rocks, roots, etc, than a 26er, therefore rides higher off the dirt, therefore the side knobs should be longer to compensate. i know this makes them heavierr and they’re already too heavy…but still.

  6. GreenLightGo Says:

    Are there any measurements for it? Interested in the widest measurement – if it’s 57mm or less, it’ll fit the rear of my frame with ease.

  7. hitarock Says:

    These are awesome tires in damp conditions. Off camber roots no problem, mud no problem, sandy fine too. I went through a creek crossing last in a line of 6 bikers and was the only one to make it up the armoured trail out of the creek (an I was on a singlespeed, while the other riders were typically placers in endurance races) — reason was the stickiness of the tire rubber is like C-4 Stealth on my climbing shoes…. great even when wet.

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