Bontrager Rhythm 29"er Wheel Sets

Pictured above is the Rhythm Comp 29er wheel set

There has been a few wondering if there was a less expensive alternative for getting into a pre-built set of tubeless compatible wheels. Well, there is and they are called “Rhythm”. It’s Bontragers newest sets of wheels that support the Tubeless Ready system which works with any of Bontragers Tubeless Ready tires and Super Juice sealant.

pictured above is the Rhythm Elite wheel set

These wheels have some really cool features. First, they are Tubeless Ready and ship with the plastic rim strip needed to make them tubeless. They also sport 28mm wide rims which have some important details built in. Bontrager was one of the first rim brands to sport offset spoke hole drilling to reduce wheel “dish”. The Rhythm wheels also have this feature to increase strength. One of the more important, unseen details; however, is the symetrical inner rim wall. Bontrager engineers realized that if they could roll an extrusion that had a symetrical inner rim well, (no mean feat in itself), they could deliver a rim that supported the sidewalls of a tubeless tire in a better way. This feature and the 28mm width actually helps “open up” the tire so more tread comes into play on the trail surface. This gives you better traction and tubeless tires superior rolling resistance traits.

Another cool feature is in the front hub, which is available as a standard quick release or a 20mm through axle compatible set up. Twenty eight DT 14/15 guage spokes with alloy Pro Lock nipples round out the package on both wheels in both models. The main differences are in the hubs, which affects the overall weight of each model as well. The Elite’s hub is based on a DT Onyx type and the Comp is a dual sealed bearing front and rear set up. The weight of the Elite set is 1956 grams and has a MSRP of $539.99. The Comp wheels weigh in at 1976 grams and have a MSRP of $349.99

These are not just some run of the mill trail wheels as the high performance of this model range has not been lost on the likes of Gary Fisher /Subaru Team rider Nat Ross and Fisher 29″er Crew Team member “Desert Dan” Cain who are training and racing on the Rhythm wheels. And for what it’s worth, I got a chance to ride a set of Rhythm wheels at the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo and I have a great first impression of them. Check them out at your nearest Bontrager dealer and get a proper tubeless 29″er tire and wheel system for your big wheeled bike of choice. Bontrager Rhythm wheel sets are available now along with a couple models of Tubeless Ready tires. (These can also be run with tubed tires) Look for more Tubeless Ready tires to go along with the Rhythm wheels in the near future, as well.

No Responses to “Bontrager Rhythm 29"er Wheel Sets”

  1. Devin Says:

    Are you certain that the weights for the comps and elites are correct. 20 grams difference is not very much.

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    Devin: Those are the weights that were given to me by Bontrager and also printed in their literature.

    You are right, that’s not much difference and makes the Elite a tougher buy for me.

  3. funkenstein Says:

    it’s the quality of the hubs. cheap Formula made hubs vs DT Swiss Onyx level hubs.

  4. Devin Says:

    Yeah I saw that–the hub diiference, but I would still think they could have done better with the weight difference by either using even 340’s or 240’s. 340s would have been lighter by 50 grams or so at least and 240’s obviously even more.

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