Cannondale '08 29"er Specs

Okay, as promised I have the specs on the bikes posted in the previous post. Cannondale has expanded the line above, below, and outside of what they had last model year. All frames are Caffeine level frames with the only difference being the single speed model with it’s “single speed-ness”. Interestingly, the “1FG” moniker was not used for the single speed and a rather conservative numbering system distiguishes between models now. (Although the “F-29” decal is visible on some of these as well)

Caveat: These specs are subject to change and may not reflect the actual bikes once they become available later in the Fall. Sorry! I didn’t get any MSRP’s on any of these as yet.

Okay, starting out with the black/green rig, dubbed the “29er 1”, we have a pretty nicely spec’ed bike. The fork is the Lefty Speed Carbon SL 80mm travel edition. The drive train is controlled by SRAM X-9 triggers operating an LX front and X-9 rear derailluer set up. The wheels are WTB Laser Disc Trail FR rims with a Lefty front hub and a Shimano M525 rear hub. The wheels are shod with WTB’s new Prowler 2.1 tires. Whoa the whole thing down to a stop with Avids Juicy 7 hydraulic disc brakes featuring 180 frt/160 r sized rotors. Other nice bits are the Thompson Elite seat post, Fizik Nisene saddle, and Crank Brothers Smarty pedals.

Next up is the, you guessed it!, the “29er 2”, which is the blue and white rig. This one gets the Lefty Speed Bonded DLR2 80mm fork, WTB Speed Disc rims, Prowler tires, Wellgo clipless pedals, and Juicy 3 hydraulic brakes from Avid. The drivetrain is a mix of LX front/X-7 rear/X-5 triggers. A smattering of Cannondale and FSA parts round out the cockpit.

By the way, both the “29er 1” and “29er 2” come in an alternate “Raw” finish.

Moving on to the “29er 3”, we see the Cannondale single speed 29″er that has been rumored for so long. Done up in a raw finish with WTB Dual Duty FR rims, ExiWolf tires, and Truvativ Firex crank set, the bike stops with Avid BB-5 mechanical disc brakes and puts out the power to the rear wheel via the Formula rear hub. A Lefty Speed Bonded DLR2 fork graces the front of this single speed. The chain is tensioned via an eccentric at the bottom bracket.

Finally we see the “29er 4”, which is an entirely different spec. Most noticeable is the Rock Shox Dart 329 80mm travel fork. The bike rolls on Dual Duty WTB rims and Prowler tires that the spec sheet I saw says are “2.3” inches wide. (I’m betting they are 2.1 inches, but I could be wrong!) The drive train is mostly SRAM X-5 with a Deore front derailluer. The brakes are Shimano model BR-485’s with the 160mm rotors front and rear.

To repeat, I have no pricing information as yet and I wouldn’t expect any of these to become available until this fall at the earliest. If we get our grubby hands on any more information leaking from Cannondale’s factory gnome, we’ll let you in on it.


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  1. Dave Says:

    Sweet. Any change in geometry that you know of?

    ‘Nuther question somewhat over there. Salsa Race rims. What in the heck tire fits those pretty well? Bonti Jones XR’s practically fall off.

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    Dave: The geometry should match up with the spec sheet this year, meaning that top tube lengths should be as long as they say they are. Also, the limited rear tire clearance has been fixed on the ’08’s.

    On the Salsa rims, I think you’ll find that almost any tire/rim combination is like this to some degree for 29″ers. Only the recently seen Tubeless Ready Bontrager tires/rims, Mavics new wheelset, and Stan’s Arch and Flow models seem to address this to a satisfactory degree.

  3. Monk3y Mike Says:

    Cool beans Ted. Thanks for the dirt. My local C’dale dealer tells me that we can keep an eye out for a Scalpel 29er in 08 as well.

  4. Yancy Says:

    The “29er 1”, according to a sec/pricing sheet from my local Cannondale dealer, retails for $2499.99. Not to shabby for such a bike!

  5. Yancy Says:

    The “29er 1”, according to a spec/pricing sheet from my local Cannondale dealer, retails for $2499.99. Not to shabby for such a bike!

  6. Devin Says:

    the single speed is supposed to go for about $1,400, give or take a couple of bucks

  7. critiqual Says:

    We’ll see how Kona’s 29ers will match up this fall.

  8. shukas Says:

    does anyone know when you can order these bikes? and when they ship?

  9. Mike Says:

    Anyone know the expected MSRP on the 29er 2. I currently ride a singlespeed Gary Fisher Rig and am looking to trade in the Jeckyll 2000 for a 29er 1 or 2…recommendations? Did Cannodale solve the BB clearance issue/problem?

    Stuttgart Germany

  10. Mike Says:

    Anyone know the expected MSRP on the 29er 2. I currently ride a singlespeed Gary Fisher Rig and am looking to trade in the Jeckyll 2000 for a 29er 1 or 2…recommendations? Did Cannondale solve the BB clearance issue/problem?

    Stuttgart Germany

  11. Guitar Ted Says:

    Mike, As stated above, the C’Dale 29″er 1 is going to be $2499.99 U.S. and the MSRP on the 29″er 2 is going to be $1699.99 according to my source.

    The BB clearance has always been good, it was the seat stay brace that was too tight on the ’07’s The problem has since been addressed.

  12. Yancy Says:

    Just picked up my Cannondale 29er 1 from Pittsburgh Pro Bicycle! Thanks again Jake for all the help! Hit Frick Park for a test ride. First Impressions: quick and nimble but eats terrain, obstacles, and climbs like a hungry beast. Sizing/Geo was perfect. More replies as I get more time in the saddle.

  13. Cobra Says:

    Guitar Ted,
    I am looking at ordering a C’Dale 29e 1. Any weaknesses, or advice on improvements to me made from the stock set-up ?
    In particular, I am not too sure about the wheels (WTB Laserdisc trail FR rims & WTB Prwler tires)


  14. Guitar Ted Says:

    Cobra: The wheels are always a conundrum with the Lefty equipped C’dales, especially the 29″er ones. You just can not turn around and find a person that can build a great Lefty hubbed front wheel, for instance. Also, after market wheels are nearly non-existent. (I-9 being the exception)

    That said, I don’t know what you expect from your wheel set. I don’t know your riding style, and I don’t know where you ride. I really can not advise you unless you can tell me these things.

    I would try Lacemine29 ( ) and see if Mike can help you out there. I would highly recommend him for your 29″er wheel build, should you decide to go that route.

  15. Yancy Says:

    I am pretty happy with the wheels. I weigh in at 205 and the WTB laser disc trails are great, they are fairly light and super strong and pretty lively too. I ride some nasty XC stuff in PA (roots, rocks, logs, techy single track) and they have held up even after a nasty spill. My only dislike is the rear hub, it is a Shimano M525. I just feel like the hub and its performance is not up to par with the rest of the bike. I am going to swap it for a DT 340 – not the lightest, but not heavy either – a rock solid performer that requires minimal maintenance. From what I have researched this hub is the perfect match for me and the rims. The only other upgrades I have made are ergon grips and an X9 front der. Think about your size and riding style and remember if you can pull off the ultra light stuff go for it, but if your not sure go with function and performance over saving a few grams. Hope this helps. . . Enjoy your winter riding time!

  16. Guitar Ted Says:

    Yancy: Great comments, thanks! I can vouch for the 340’s durability here. I have been riding a set built up on some Delgado Discs for about a year now and they are really a “set it and forget it” part. Mine have been through winter snow, rains, mud, dust, and the usual abuses.

    Good thought on the lightweight vs. durable parts pick too.

  17. Cobra Says:

    Thank you all for your quick response. I will take these good advice with me when I am going to order within the next 2 weeks.
    Guitar Ted,
    I ride in Michigan, mostly XC single track. Not the best time of the year right now, I actually tried a C’Dale 29er 2 Demo 2 weeks ago on the snow !
    I am also 205, and 6’3″. What size do you ride ? I usually have XL’s. But for this one, I am not sure, I may stay with L .

  18. Yancy Says:

    I went with a LG. I was professionally fitted though. So, I would say get fitted. . . Even though we are the same weight and height, you may have different needs than myself. Usually if you get professionally fitted at the place where you buy the bike they will cut you a break on the fitting. When I say professional fitted I mean actual measurements of your body, riding technique, flexibility and reach. It is well worth it. . . Once you have these measurements matching a bike to your specs should be easy with a good shop involved.

  19. Cobra Says:

    Just thought I would give some feedback.
    Did get my C”Dale 29er 1 about 2 months ago, and had a blast with it so far. I did go with the XL and glad I did. Not much difference actually between the L and XL.. It is fast and powerful, perfect for Michigan’s XC single tracks. The only point I will change is the front disc. It is larger than the rear, and I have some vibrations around 15 miles/h. Does not affect the performane, just annoying.

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    […] Cannondale ‘08 29″er Specs | Twenty Nine InchesMoving on to the “29er 3″, we see the Cannondale single speed 29″er that has been rumored for so long. Done up in a raw finish with WTB Dual Duty FR rims, ExiWolf tires, and […]

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