Haro Introduces New Colors For '08 Models

Back in April Tim introduced you to the new Haro SS Mary in “Carolina Blue”. Well now Haro has released information regarding the other colors for it’s ’08 29″er hardtail lineup.

The new colors will be Humboldt Green, from the XC to the ’08 SS alternate color, and Tangerine Dream for the XC

'08 Haro Mary XC

'08 Haro SS Humboldt Green

'08 Haro Mary SS Carolina Blue


No Responses to “Haro Introduces New Colors For '08 Models”

  1. George Krpan Says:

    Tangerine is a Dream.

  2. Captain Bob Says:

    Nice to see the Salsa Cromo stem. I wonder if they spec’d a mary bar from On One? Looks like it, or a knock-off.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    Captain Bob: Yup! It’s a On One Mary bar. The Haro guys spec’ed it on the ’07 SS Mary too. 🙂

  4. jill h Says:

    Not a knock off…it’s the real thing. Special note on the Salsa spec…the stems (on both bikes) and the bar (on the XC) will only be used on the first production run. Long story that I won’t get into to, but circumstances beyond our control forced us to do a running change after the first run of bikes to Ritchey Pro stuff.

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