Mavic Crossmax 29"er Wheel Set: Update

After e-mailing my contact at Mavic about some of your questions, I have enough information to warrant another post on these updates.

First of all, it seems that these wheels are a model all to themselves in as far as the processes used to manufacture them are modeled after certain aspects of other 26 inch Crossmax wheels, but optimized for 29 inch wheel applications. Specifically the ISM process. Also I learned that the moniker “FTS-X” refers to the type of freehub engagement system in place on the rear hub and NOT the name of the new design of the hub. As yet, it hasn’t been given a proper name.

Another thing to note is that the wheel set we have is a pre production wheel set, so certain aspects of the wheels, specifically the rims, are not up to production spec. We will keep that noted as we continue with the review process. We are also hoping to get an actual production set to help us get the full understanding of these wheels performance features.

The wheels have just arrived here in the U.S.A. and first shipments available for sale should hit retailers in about a weeks time. This is great news for you guys and gals looking for a tubeless compatible, high performance wheel set. These will come in a QR compatible format and a 20mm front thru-axle format. Both types are recieving high demand at Mavic, so they are concentrating their efforts on supplying that demand. A Lefty version is not on the radar, sadly!

Okay, that’s the update. I hope to get a first impression on the wheelset out to you soon. Stay tuned!


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