More Fisher '08 Info and a Clarification!

Hey everybody! I was made aware that some of the previously posted info from the Paragon and G2 Geometry post was erroneous. Here’s the actual dealio: The big thing is that the Hi Fi Pro does not have 120mm travel with the F100RLC fork. It’s as the model number suggests, a 100mm travel fork. I got some bad info and I appologize for any misunderstandings. It’s 100mm travel with the F100 fork on the Hi Fi Pro. Okay, now that we have that straightened out……..

The news I have now states that Fox forks will be found on the following Fisher 29″ers for ’08: The Hi Fi Pro and Deluxe full suspension models, the Rig, the Paragon, the X-Cal, and the Superfly hardtails. The crown on these Fox forks is the identical crown to the G2 26″er models with the rest of the offset for the 29″ers found in the sliders. So, it’s a “custom” set up just for Fisher bikes.

Stay tuned for any further updates and please: Post any and all questions in the comments section. I’ll see to it that they get before the right eyes to get any answers, if they are willing.


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  1. Cloxxki Says:

    I wonder what impact the Fox’s will have on the price level of for the Rig, X-Cal and Paragon.
    Generally of course, a Fox is more expensive than a Rockshox Reba. LArge order volume by Fisher may help a bit, also for consumers.

    In any case, if you ever though the Fisher hardtails were popular for part-outs before…

  2. michael Says:

    No information yet as to what fork the Cobia will have, though?

  3. M@rco Says:

    So the HI-FI will be 100mm traver front and rear right ? … and the HIFI Deluxe te same 100 or 120 ? FOX is a top fork but I will have prefered ROCKSHOX … less price, less maintenance. My REBA done a very nice work
    without problems this year and is a very great fork over all terrain !!!
    Instead I see several FOX with problems !!!

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    michael: No word on the Cobia spec yet.

    M@rco: Yes 100mm. I’m not sure what the Hi Fi “Plus” will run for a shock front and rear.

    The Manitou fork was spotted on Nat Ross’ HiFi at the Firecracker 50 over the 4th of July, so perhaps a Manitou will see duty in the line up as well.

  5. BearSquirrel Says:

    It’s a shame they left the Ferrous out. It’s probably the only Fisher hardtail a big guy could ride with any security. No doubt they will change the color of the Ferrous to avoid confusion with the Baby Blue Paragon?

  6. Guitar Ted Says:

    BearSquirrel: The Ferrous remains……..unchanged……..including the color. 🙂

    I suspect that due to the demand and low supply, it makes sense to keep it over a year.

  7. George Krpan Says:

    I’m very impressed with Rock Shox these days.
    I’m a lover of the cheap and cheerful.
    Fox doesn’t have this vibe.

  8. carno Says:

    Here is a review of the 2008 hifi 29:

  9. lukas Says:

    Still no news about the COBIA (fork? G2 or not?)

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