Out of the Box: RST M-29 Suspension Fork

RST suspension fork

We have recieved the new RST M-29 suspension fork for review here at Twenty Nine Inches. This fork is unique in a few ways. First and most obviously it is a fork that sports cantilever bosses. That makes this fork a great choice for those who still hold to the linear pull brake way of life.

Side view of M-29

The fork has a choice of either white or black finishes, we recieved the white. It’s a nice pearly white with a fine metallic sparkle to it. The decals are applied over the finish for those who are into peeling off such things.

Lock out knob

The fork features an air spring with a top cap covering the Schrader type valve on the left leg. The right leg sports the lock out/compression adjuster lever. It is supposed to adjust the compression to a stiffer feel until you reach the lock out posistion. The lock out has a blow off feature to allow the suspension to activate on impacts that spike the system. It is then supposed to return to a lockout status until you dial it off with the lever. There is an optional remote lever available, although we did not recieve it in this package.

Lock out lever

Their is a rebound adjuster underneath the right leg as well. It is a lever that has about three quarters of a revolution sweep with no detents. A really interesting feature is the grease ports on the back of each slider reminiscent of another manufacturers lubing ports. Finally, the move to post mounts for all disc brakes is reflected here on the RST forks lowers.

Grease ports and post mount

The fork also features the popular longer offset that is becoming all the rage with fork manufacturers. This particular fork splits the difference between the radical longer offsets and the “old standard” of 38mm with a 43mm offset. We plan on mating this fork to a Salsa Dos Niner that has a Reba fork with the 38mm offset to see if the longer offset does indeed affect the handling as advertised.

The fork weighs 2010 grams with an uncut aluminum steer tube and brake bosses installed. The MSRP is slated to be under $400.00, but I will confirm a current price in my next post on this fork.

Look for further updates as the fork is mounted and we get a few rides in on this new 29″er fork offering.


No Responses to “Out of the Box: RST M-29 Suspension Fork”

  1. jocko Says:

    How much travel?

  2. Guitar Ted Says:

    jocko: 80mm on this model. They also will have another, less expensive model without lock out at 80mm travel as well.

  3. shiggy Says:

    Note than Marazocchi’s “standard” offset is (or at least use to be 43mm. Many rigid forks–26″ and 29″–have the 43mm offset, such as the Karate Monkey and Zion.

  4. Guitar Ted Says:

    shiggy: Noted. The thing was, back in ’04 or so, the Marz was consistently flogged as being heavy and flexy. I have never ridden one, but it might not be a bad idea to pick one up some time and give it a whirl. I hear they were pretty plush, if nothing else.

    As for rigid forks, yes- at that same time (’04 or so) the natives were restless for a “quality fork” with that same offset…..or longer (No thanks to On One! đŸ™‚ ). We all knew from our KM’s and the like that a longer offset was going to turn a trick for a suspended hardtail. I just never envisioned a 51mm offset!

    This fork (the RST M-29) should be an interesting fork. If it proves to be the quality fork RST is promising that it is, the KM owners, ( and others that like the 43mm offset) will rejoice to have a suspension fork that most closely mimics the geometry of their original rigid forks. We shall see!

  5. rake Says:

    the white brothers magic 29 has an offset of 42mm currently available and has been for a couple years. both the 80mm and the rock solid rigid are 42mm. i doubt that 1mm on a fork with 80mm of travel will alter your feel.

  6. jimbo Says:

    How about an A-C measurement?

  7. OS Bikes Blackbuck: First Look | Twenty Nine Inches Says:

    […] up the Blackbuck rigid fork and do a comparison. I’ll also be swapping out to a Reba and an RST M-29 as the testing […]

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