New 29er rubber from WTB

For 2008, WTB will be releasing four new 29er tires. We caught some pictures of the first set that were mounted on a Niner. They are 2.1 and named “Prowlers”. There was no print on the tires other than the WTB logo and we were told there are only three sets in existence.

WTB 29er tire prowler

WTB 29er tire prowler

WTB 29er tire prowler

I’ve got more info on the other three sets coming down the pipeline… I’ll do an update at that time.


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  1. lukas Says:

    Will there be a sub 600 gramm 2.0 front tire ???

  2. Cloxxki Says:

    Though not yet at WTB right now, several sub 600g front tires have come to us.
    – Early Maxxis Ignitors averaged 580-590g, and are reported to be very allround front tire performers.
    – Early Bontrager AcX came in as low as 566g, but admittedly were unreliable. Excellent loose over hardpack grip.
    – Specialized Fast Traks are just around 600g, and work as a front almost as well as for the rear.
    – Narrow, but the reportedly ~590g Schwalbe 28×2.1 is a grippy tire. Overkill as a rer for me in 26″. I used it in one race only I think, where the steepest hill was walked by most, and I hate walking to mount a slow rolling tire for a 6km lap to get up the 10 metres that would be too steep to clean otherwise. Not my favorite front tire for feel in 26″, but thousands of Germans love it.
    – The WTB Nano can be stripped of 35g worth of knobs and perform at least as good as a front tire. I did it, to a 700g steel beaded version. The folding one might dip under 600g that way. I once had a 572g Nano, and some close to that, which all failed. Current ones stay in one piece. To me and many others, the Nano is mostly a rear tire though, and great at that.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    Dry X’s without the AR casing reinforcement will easily be under 600 grams. Mine were 580 grams if I remember rightly. The ACX Tubeless ready tires are just a hair above 600 grams.

  4. GreenLightGo Says:

    those Prowlers look a bit like the AcX, with the siping down the block though, should offer better wet weather grip on slick roots and rock surfaces.

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