A 29"er UST Standard

One of the last reasons a lot of folks are not on board with the 29″er movement is about to become a “non-reason”, if I can use such a term. The legions of tubeless tire fanatics have futzed and fettled with “tubeless homebrew” wheels for 29″ers with sometimes disastrous results. This has been a problem for some folks looking for a more proven and reliable system like UST, which the 26″er crowd has had exclusive access to. That is until “soon”!

Coming later in the year we should see true UST tires from Hutchinson, Michelin, and Geax since these companies have all signed off on an agreement with Mavic for a true UST standard for 29″er rims. The wheels are still coming too, but are going to be available very soon. The Mavic 29″er wheels we have seen so far are only tubeless compatible. Very close to the final UST design, but there are minor differences. And another thing, these new wheels are rare as hens teeth so far! Not too many pairs floating around at the moment!

Keep an eye out here at Twenty Nine Inches for more information soon on the Mavic wheels and any developements in the UST 29″er tire world.


13 Responses to “A 29"er UST Standard”

  1. Captain Bob Says:

    I saw a pair at Big Bear last weekend. Turns out is was a guy wearing a red & white stripped shirt named Waldo. Nobody has seen him or the wheels since……

  2. Martin Says:

    But what about Stan’s 29r rims and Crow tires. They have been making tubeless work for more than a year now.

    I’ve got a new set of Arch rims being built up right now. Not UST but designed for tubeless apps, hopefully my Kendas stay on the rim.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    Martin: Re-read the second sentence of my post and see if it doesn’t bear a resemblance to your second sentence. The “What if” of home brew systems, (Stan’s is just a glorified example of this) is out of the equation with UST.

    I will grant you that the Stan’s rim/ Crow tire combo is not “home brew”, however, it’s a limited application tire that is not going to work for average trail riding. The UST system, with at least three manufacturers on board now, ( and most likely more to come), will offer a wide variety of condition specific tires that will cover a vast majority of trail riders needs. This is what will sway the fence sitters, not Stan’s Crow, or other Stan’s products.

    Also worth mentioning is Bontrager’s excellent Tubeless Ready System rims, wheel sets, and tires which are trickling out now and will have several tires to compliment it as well. While not a true UST design, I can speak from experience that it works well as a viable choice for 29″ers.

  4. Martin Says:

    I sit corrected.

    More choices are good so we can weed out what really works and what doesn’t.

  5. SSguy Says:

    I just picked up the Crossmax 29 this week to run with the Bontrager ACX TR tires that came stock with my 08 Rig. I have had 5 blow outs over two rides this weekend. You could say that I am not real happy. I weight 210 and tried various pressures from 35-45 to eliminate this. Out of the saddle, off camber…POW! Out of the saddle on a steep climb…POW! My rims are now gouged badly from the tire letting go. Confidence…shaky at best.
    I have ran homebrew 26 setups and UST 26 setups for four years and have never had a tire blow off a rim. I have never heard of this happening with Stan’s rims.

  6. Guitar Ted Says:

    SSguy: Never heard of Stan’s blow offs before? You’re kidding, right? That happens all the time with certain tire combinations. I’ve read horror stries for years about that. Believe me, it’s not uncommon.

    For what it is worth, I ran ACX’s and Dry X’s on the Cr29max wheels with no issues. Obviously it is not always that way. It also should be noted that the combination is not recommended by either manufacturer. (Bontrager or Mavic)

    While it sucks that you have messed up wheels now and a shaken confidence I would recommend that you either use tubes in your Cr29max’s or use Hutchinson’s Python for now. Stan’s works with some tires, and as I’ve said, with others it doesn’t do well at all. It’s a risk no matter how you slice it with that system.

    Also worth noting: You could go with Bontrager’s Rhythm tubeless wheels and that system is bomber.

    26″er UST is also bomber. Until just recently the UST badge of approval hadn’t been given yet for 29″ers. That’s changed now with the Cr29max/Python combination, but it is the only combo available as of the writing of this comment that has UST approval in 29″er size.

    Good Luck!

  7. SSguy Says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    Not kidding. I have been daring enough to run Karmas (26) on Crossland UST wheels with stans for extended period without a burb. Kenda, WTB, Hutch, ust, non-ust and other combinations in the past using Mavic 819 and 717, Dt swiss 4.1s without a blip and now I can’t cross town right now without a tire exploding off the rim.

    I don’t see running tubes as an option on a $700 tubeless wheelset as an option. I live in the desert, tubes are not an option period. Nor is trying another wheelset a viable option, unless the shop takes the mavics back on trade.

    Tubeless ready tires are also not the same as homebrew applications. Am I correct that the bead is similar to a UST, just that Bontrager will not pay mavic for that certification? What is my guarantee that Hutchinson USTs are any better?

  8. Guitar Ted Says:

    SSguy: One thing to be aware of. 29″er tubless conversions seem to have a much higher failure rate than the 26″ers do. Something about the bead/pressure/seating angle combination makes it more tricky. Just a heads up for anyone new to this.

    I understand the desert scenario. I get to ride in El Paso, TX once in awhile, so the situation is known to me.

    Again, the Hutchinson Python is currently the only UST certified 29″er tire out there now for 29″ers. Supposedly Hutchinson has another, more aggressive tread coming out, as does Geax, which will be getting UST certification for use on Mavics rims.

    While it’s not recommended to use Bontrager tires (Tubeless Ready) on your Mavic wheels, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them on mine. I think though that once you have a blow off, that tire should be retired. I wouldn’t trust it again for tubeless use. No matter what system I was using.

    I hope you find a satisfactory solution.

  9. SSguy Says:

    Thanks Ted.

    I was hoping that it was as simple as one bad tire. That said, do you feel the Flow rims have the same issues? I know they are not UST, but I have never heard of a blow out on Flow rims and they are often used under sever circumstances. I would like to run a high volume tire at around 30-34 psi for most of my riding.

  10. Guitar Ted Says:

    SSguy: Well again, Stan’s has to be used with the right tires to get a good, reliable system. If you go with a wire beaded tire, your chances of success are pretty high. I wouldn’t try a folding bead tire myself. That said, I have heard that Panaracer rampages are a good fit with stan’s stuff. Check the Stan’s site for more.

  11. db Says:

    Is there any word on when we will get more choice in tire? This article is over a year old and still only one tire is available.

  12. Guitar Ted Says:

    db: Great question. I will address it in a new post. look for that soon! 🙂

  13. A 29″er UST Standard: An Update | Twenty Nine Inches Says:

    […] little over a year ago, I wrote a post here about the coming of UST standard approved tires and rims. I recently got a question regarding […]

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