More big wheel offerings from Haro coming up

I’ve heard that Haro may be working on a couple more 29er models. They had great success with the Mary last year, sold them out quick. So they’ve decided to expand their offering.

First, with the upcoming release of the RockShox Dart 29er fork, it’s making it easier for entry level hardtails to hit the market, which is exactly what Haro is doing.

Also, they’re just getting to the prototype stage for a 29er version of the Haro Sonix.

My question is if Haro will be able to expand their big wheel success outside of the Mary. They did a great job designing the bike and offered a great component set for the price point, however I still wonder if their big success was due to the limited amount of offerings early last year when it was released.

So do you think their new hardtail and FS offerings will have the booming success of the Mary?


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    no, unfortunately specialized will flood the market and bring legitamacy to the masses.

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