Sinister Introduces A Radical New 29"er Hardtail

Sinister and it’s famous builder, Frank The Welder has just produced a new entry into the 29″er hardtail market dubbed the “Bar Sinister”. It is a design based on East Coast geometry ideals and has probably the shortest chainstays of any 29″er made at 16.82 inches using Sinisters modular drop out. (not shown in the picture) The bottom bracket is a modestly high 11.9 inches and the top tube for the 17 inch prototype is 23.6 inches, not really long. An interesting take on East Coast geometry.

The extremely short chainstay length should put to bed the theory that 29″ers cannot have short chainstays. Also, the design will work with a front derailluer and a double chainring setup. (That’s why the seat tube is bent funny) So, geared riders can also enjoy this new design.

The new design is just in the proto type stage and will be tested by local riders near the Sinister headquarters. This will be an interesting bike and Twenty Nine Inches will be following along with the developement of this radical design as it progresses along.


No Responses to “Sinister Introduces A Radical New 29"er Hardtail”

  1. Moose Says:

    HOLY CRAP that’s sick!!

  2. tbowren Says:

    Actually, if the Specialized early 2008 catalog that was floating around is correct, I thought it read the Stumpjumper 29er has 16.77 chainstays.

    I read an article about FTW in a biking magazine a while back, that guy is a legend.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    tbowren: I’ve seen that 29″er up close, and I can say that the Specialized boys either have a typo there, or it’s info on their 26″er bike.

  4. tbowren Says:

    You know all the specs on that frame (69.5 head angle and 11.77 BB height) looked suspiciously 26er-ish.
    Thanks for the first hand info, I’ve been thinking alot about those dimensions.
    I’m a big fan of short chainstays (unless I’m trying to climb something steep.)

  5. Q Says:

    it totally NOT work hear in the sierra, but I am still curious to see it built up!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Wolfhound has also been building bikes with 16.5″ CS for quite some time. Mine should be here in a couple weeks!

  7. wolfy Says:

    what does east coast geometry mean?


  8. mtbdee Says:

    Nimble with a high BB.

  9. Guitar Ted Says:

    wolfy: What mtbdee said but another iconic feature of East Coast geo is super short chainstays. Check out classics like Nevil, Spooky, Eastern Woods Research, and Cannondales old “Beast of the East” for some skoolin’ on the genre.

  10. RJ Says:

    …Spooky…another FTW icon 🙂

  11. MMcG Says:

    This frame doesn’t have a particularly high bottom bracket, but it does have pretty short chainstays and I guess it is sorta east coast because that’s where they are being built.

    Now hurry up and get them off to and back from paint so RJ and D can race to see who gets their’s built first.

  12. RJ Says:

    I have the whole thing, sans frame sitting next to the stand…D has no wheels….well wait, he actually picked my wheels up from Frank last week so I guess I lose 🙂

  13. RJ Says:



    All done! Loving it!

  14. RJ Says:


    Sorry about that!

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