New Mono9 from Redline

If you haven’t seen it yet, Redline Bicycles is releasing their new 9-speed Mono9. We reported back in April that Redline may be dropping all their 26 inch offerings in favor of bigger wheels and this looks to be a big step in that direction.

I predict that Redline will sell a ton of these bikes. They are already well-known for their original Monocog 29er… the cheapest on the market at the time… and have a big following of budget minded riders. Now they’re offering a bike for people that don’t want to go full on singlespeed. Rock on.

Here’s some specs and pics from their website:

Frame: Flight Double Butted Sanko Chromoly Tubing with fixed rear droputs.
Fork: Sanko Chromoly Taper Legs
Wheel set: WTB laser Disc Rims, Redline SB QR Hubs, Maxxis Ignitor 29 x 2.1 Tires
Drive: FSA Alpha 32T w Alloy Guard, Isis BB Sram X9 Short Cage Derailluer w X9 Trigger 12-32 9speed, PC 951 Chain.
Brake: Avid BB5 w 160mm Rotor.
Control: Ritchey Pro Bar, Stem, and Seat Post, WTB Rocket V SLT Saddle
Color: Warm Mineral Grey
Size: 15,17,19,21

Redline Mono9 29er
Redline Mono9 29er
Redline Mono9 29er
Redline Mono9 29er

No Responses to “New Mono9 from Redline”

  1. rockhound Says:

    Is there cable stops for a front derailleur?

    I would think there would be since the Flight has them.

  2. Aaron Says:

    How much?

  3. F I N K Says:

    The Price tag is 1000-1030 and they do come equipped with front der. cable stops. YAY! And they’re in stock RIGHT NOW! GET EM GET EM GET EM!!

  4. Quinn Says:

    Finally some one put out a True 9 speed, instead of the 27 speed “9 speeds” everyone talks about, AND its a 29er Thank God!!

  5. dp Says:

    anyone know where to buy this bike? redlines site doesn’t seem to have any info and after a quick google search i’ve found there is very little purchasing info on this bike. thanks


  6. Quinn Says:


    its an ’08 model, not in stores yet, check your local stores, there should also be a Dealer Locator on redlines web site.

  7. chuck Says:

    Quinn… you mean you haven’t seen the Salsa El Mariachi complete that has been on the market for the past season?

  8. Quinn Says:

    no I didn’t see it, but I’m just bitchin’ about terminology, I was going for the +G until I realized it was 27 speed.

  9. F I N K Says:

    DP, Most IBD’s (which is where you should be buying things from ANYWAY) will have them. SBS is widely used by most bike shops. Let me know where you’re from and I might be able to find out for you.

  10. Tim Grahl Says:

    The bike is available through any SBS dealer and the retail price tag is $999. Very affordable as Redline is known for.

  11. dp Says:

    Tim – thanks for the info. thats a lot of bike for a grand! i’m buying one for sure!

  12. dp Says:

    Fink & Tim – thanks for the info. thats a lot of bike for a grand! i’m buying one for sure! also normally i wouldn’t buy anything at retail….i’m on a MB team

    thanks again

  13. Chris Says:

    Whoa….retail of 999.00, or 1K for short. Anyone want to buy a used Monocog 29er with about a thousand miles or so on her? Ha ha

    Seems like a nice bike for 1K.

  14. Nicky Says:

    Are there any SBS dealers with a website or online sales?
    I’m in Canada and would like to buy the Mono9, but no dealers for Redline’s XC bikes here.

  15. Mark Says:

    i stopped by my friend’s shop (ozone bikes, austin) yesterday and took the monocog 9 out for a spin in the parking lot. unfortunately, i wasn’t dressed for a real ride, but i couldn’t resist. it’s a great looking bike and feels much lighter than i expected it would. it also has a great grey-black metallic paint job — very nice looking. they just got it in last week.

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