New 29"er Bicycle and Frame Data Base Debuts

It’s being reported on Bicycle Retailer and Industry News web site today that the Bike-alog company, a service long used by local bike shops that provides a comprehensive data base on currently available bicycles, accessories, and technical data, has introduced a consumer accessable list of 29″er bikes and framesets.

The website, found at is purported to be a comprehensive list of curently available 29″er bicycles and framesets. It also has a feature to help you locate your nearest local bicycle shop where the items are carried or available through.

After a quick scan of the site, I found a couple of curious things. One was the missing Salsa Mamasita, which should have been in the frames available area. Also, the site covers models going all the way back to 2002! I wonder if these bikes are actually available “as new” yet. Seems a little strange to me to be including those models.

It is an interesting developement and furthers the evidence that 29″ers are mainstream now. Check out the link and see what you think.


No Responses to “New 29"er Bicycle and Frame Data Base Debuts”

  1. Quinn Says:

    29erMTB is missing a LOT, Intense, Willets, SE Racing, Ox, Ellsworth, Retrotecjust to name a few!?

  2. Cloxxki Says:

    Tell them, not us đŸ™‚

  3. F I N K Says:

    Welcome to the bike-a-log universe. The most complete bike database known to man, that’s missing a whole bunch of shit!!

  4. BikeNerd Says:

    I like how they misspelled “Bike-alog” on the page name that appears at the very top of the screen.
    I worked for them for a while many moons back, got my start in the industry, but man, it doesn’t look like much has changed at all with them.
    Fun times there though, a good bunch of weirdos working there. Can’t speak for now though.

  5. Jordan Hurder Says:

    Hi- I work at Bike-alog and oversaw the development of the 29er site. I agree with Cloxxki- if we’re missing stuff, tell us! I think the site is a good resource for people to get specs really easily, and the more feedback we get, the better we can make it. You can email me directly at Even though they’re not available anymore, I think it’s interesting to chart the development of 29ers over the past few years… that’s why we decided to include the bikes going back to 2002, when Marzocchi forks and WTB tires were pretty much all that was available.

    I’ll take the heat for maybe getting a little overzealous in that press release about how complete the site actually is. It’s going to be hard to be totally comprehensive, especially with the frames, but we’ll get there.

  6. BikeNerd Says:

    Hey Jordan, nice to see you posting up. I agree that it’s a pretty cool resource, maybe organize it with the current stuff on the front page, with links to previous bikes? Something like how CBS is organized. If you’re still using the CBS program that is…
    Also, it doesn’t seem to scale if I’m not running it at full-screen size.

    Also, is Cal-Taco still there? I miss their taquitos…

  7. Jordan Hurder Says:

    spelling is fixed. what a hilariously dumb error on our part… if this forum had emoticons, i’d do the “rolls eyes” one.

    also, ellsworth and intense 29ers are listed under frames right now, with additions from ox, salsa, se, and retrotec coming shortly.

    and yeah, cal taco is still here- i had a cal burrito for lunch today, in fact. what’s your name, by the way? i’m curious…

  8. BikeNerd Says:

    Mmm, Cal Burrito. I used to get that and an order of fries for lunch, that was living.
    No worries, just wanted to point it out, it’s easy to miss the more you’re involved with something, right?
    My name, but then people will know my secret identity!
    We did speak on the phone this week actually, I called to ask a question of the people with the most knowledge at their fingerprints, and because I couldn’t find my latest CD…

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