More 29"er Rumors

Here at Twenty Nine Inches we get a lot of tidbits and juicy teases from time to time. Here are some we actually can talk about! Believe me when I say we get even more that we’re sworn to secrecy on!

#1. “The Big Fatty” tire that is supposed to be something around 2.6- 2.8 inches wide is incognito as of now, but I’m betting that a certain someone is currently riding prototypes around Grand Junction CO as we speak. This tire will be the thing that unleashes a whole slew of AM/FR/DH 29″er mania. See #3 below for more of what I think about that.

#2. SRAM/Rock Shox is being super quiet about any new 29″er fork developements, but I know there is a longer offset Reba out there being tested and with the other manufacturers jumping in, it makes sense that Rock Shox might up the ante with a longer travel, all mountain 29″er fork. The appearance of the meatier tire and beefier wheelset above means a fork can’t be far off, me thinks!

#3. I’ll start a rumor here and say that the 29″er market will see more FS designs from bigger companies for ’08. Also an expansion from others will be seen in the hardtail front suspended market with price points going well below the $1000.00 mark. The new Spinner and RST front forks in the 29″er flavor will help this become a reality. The FS market will be going longer travel, AM/FR and even a DH bike or two will be seen at Interbike.

#4. It’s been whispered that Raliegh is considering an upspec’ed XXIX+G. The thinking is that the frame would be Reynolds tubing, possibly 853 and it would be hung with an XT parts kit. Raleigh is experiencing swift sales of the geared model and a higher spec’ed mate for ’08 would be a great addition to the line up for those looking at a better/lighter hardtail. I say, bring it on! If it rides any better than the current XXIX+G frame it’ll be a winner, hands down.


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  1. Matt H Says:

    How about a up speced XXIX. An XL XXIX would be nice too

  2. Oliver Says:

    A buddy of mine has a real juicy tire, that will change everything when it hits. I hear it is pretty big. That is all he told me.

  3. Cloxxki Says:

    Ditto the XL. What’s with the bigwheelers in only

  4. Cloxxki Says:

    Didn’t we see RockShox Dart fork pics of lower-end 2008 Specialized bikes? That’s a third model.

    I’m a bit (no, very) TIRED of all the indirect reports of this supposed fat rubber. Stop teasing and just tell the world so we can build forks and frames around it! Heck, we’ll need rims for it too! There’s the Kris Holm now, but I bet some rim designers would like to try if hey could improve on that extrusion, KH is also not charging a forture for it, there should be room for improvement.

  5. Guitar Ted Says:

    Cloxxki: I wish I could tell you more about the tire. All I know is that it exists and who has a prototype. The promise is that it will be out later in the year. I might also add that it will not be a tire most folks will want outside of the AM/FR/DH crowd since it’s to be a burly, tough, heavy tire.

    The recent announcement of the Sun-Ringle’ wheelset is an indication of what you are alluding to with the rim selections. They are going to be wider choices coming very soon, I’m sure of that.

    The curious thing about the Dart 29″er is that SRAM didn’t even breathe a word about it at Sea Otter. They did go over several new features for the 26″er line up, but not a word- nothing- on 29″er product. This is why I feel they are up to something and are waiting till Interbike to unleash the news. All at about the same time Specialized is planning on introducing their 29″er FS line. Outdoor Demo should be VERY interesting this fall! 🙂

  6. sirWindsor Says:

    the 3 new Windsor 29er hardtails will hit stores by April
    3 levels – all use RockShox, Avid, and Sram

    pricing to dealers is very aggessive – so most will price way below list
    including the top model with X9 and Reba going for under $1000 from some sellers

    entry bike maybe seen as low as $595 or less

    these bikes are built by one of the top 3 factories building mountain bikes

    pictures and specs are on

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