Sun Ringle' Introducing New 29"er Wheelset For '07

I have some limited information regarding a new offering from Sun Ringle’ in regards to a new all mountain type 29″er wheelset named “High Rider 29er” The wheel set looks to have a wide rim, wider than most I’ve seen, but there is no way of knowing how wide exactly from the picture I saw. Only the weight was given for the set, which is 2485 grams, also an indication that this is a wide rim.

This joins the already available Disc O Flea 29 inch wheelset from Sun Ringle’ which is aimed at the XC crowd at 1785 grams for the set.

More info as I can dig it up.

No Responses to “Sun Ringle' Introducing New 29"er Wheelset For '07”

  1. xxixrider Says:

    2485 grams seems heavy

  2. Oliver Says:

    Sounds about right for a stout freeride wheel set. My guess would be about 1,100 grams for the front, and 1,385 grams for the rear. Most of Suns 26″ wheel sets come in at that weigth or higher.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    Oliver: Yes, I think that’s right about what we’re going to see as a FR/AM wheelset for 29″ers. Keep in mind, we haven’t a clue yet as to just how wide this rim really is. If it breaks the 30mm barrier, I think alot of the weight concerns will go away. Personally, I think the wheelset is a waste of time unless it is at least 32mm wide and hopefully it’s wider.

    xxixrider: If you think that’s heavy for a wheelset, you should weigh your XXIX wheels some day. 🙂 You might be surprised! (That is, if you are running the stock wheels yet)

  4. xxixrider Says:

    Guitar ted I do know how much the stock wheels were. Thats why I run AC 1635 grams.

  5. rick lee Says:

    My question is about another wide rim you’ve been testing, the Velocity Blunt. Have you come to any conclusions, I’m looking to get a wheelset and would like to know your opinion of the Blunt, I’ve used the search function and haven’t found any follow up report. Thanks

  6. Guitar Ted Says:

    rick lee: I am going to be posting on those any day now. I’m trying to squeeze in a few more test rides before I give my final opinion.

  7. MD Says:

    Ted, I’m looking forward to what you have to say about the BLUNTS. I’m a rep from Velocity. We are stoked about our new 29er rim. It weighs in at 480 grams (anodized colors, 500gr powder coated). 28mm wide, 20mm deep. Light, strong, and bad ass. What else can you ask for. But, your oppinion matters because we are makeing them for you guys to enjoy. Keep me posted.


  8. Guitar Ted Says:

    MD: Check this out:

    The Blunts rock! I’ve been a fan of Velocity for a long time, having used the Arrowheat and Deep V for builds going back to the early 90’s.

    I’m seriously thinking of getting some powder coated baby blue Blunts sometime, but a three month wait is a bit long. Maybe later this winter.

  9. tikeshi21 Says:

    Any reviews os the disc o flea wheelset?

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