Pictures of Specialized 29ers

Got these pics of the Specialized 29ers from an anonymous source…

Here’s the dropout. Notice that the disc caliper moves with the wheel, so that you don’t have to adjust your disc brake each time you adjust wheel tension.

Specialized 29ers

Here’s the Stumpjumper 29er. Lots of good tire clearance, and front derailleur clearance. $1600-1800 bike, and frame only for $880.

Specialized 29ers

Here’s the Rockhopper Disc 29er. $700-770. This one’s gonna be hot at this price.

Specialized 29ers

The Rockhopper Comp Disc, at $990.

Specialized 29ers

Here’s some more detail of the seattube, with radiusing to optimize front derailleur placement.

Specialized 29ers

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  1. George Krpan Says:

    Thanks for the pics. It looks like the Rockhopper seat tubes are curve-ded.
    The cheaper Rockhopper has a Dart fork so I guess the other one has a Tora.
    I can tell you the Tora is a good fork, cheap and cheerful.
    Nice colors on both.
    29ers are hittin’ the mainstream.

  2. agu Says:

    Nice to see a big company on board the movement as well.

    Can’t wait to have more choices on rims, spokes, tubes, tires and forks!

  3. Ozmosis Says:

    All of a sudden I find myself wanting a geared hardtail again!

  4. SPOKES???? Says:

    Spokes???? what are 29R specific spokes? Tires? even the French are making tires now and Specialized already made tires just not bikes. do you already own every tire on the market? there are about 25 different ones. i think it is great that more companies are making 29R’s but lets keep it all in perspective. they are mearly doing it because of lost market share. not because they want to please the customer. it is all about the bottom line with out of the box bikes.

  5. Cloxxki Says:

    I cannot imagine there’s still a single guy on earth actually trying to own every 29″ tire made since ’99. I sort of tried, but gave up years ago. A costly hobby. Although admittedly, I almost have enough bikes and wheels (in the making) to house them all.

  6. AC Says:

    NOTE: Hopefully, my questions have not beat to death on MTBR… 😉

    From the pics it appears the Stumpjumper is only geared unless they have some funky adapter. I see the Rockhopper has slide adjusters so it can easily be SS’ed. If that’s the case, my decision is a no brainer…

    Does anyone one have any info about SS dropouts for the Stumpjumper?

    Also, does anyone know if the wheels are Specialized or some other brand?

    By the way, keep up the good work!


  7. name:este Says:

    Spokes is a new one on me also, if that is the case then I believe others will hold out until they get 29″ tire specific air pumps/cartridges.

  8. BunE Says:

    I myself am looking for a 29er specific seat.

  9. Guitar Ted Says:

    AC; You wouldn’t necessarily need a specific drop out to go single speed on any of these Specialized hardtails. (Yes, they all have this design for sliders, even the Stumpjumper) To go single speed, you would simply remove the derailluers, shifters, cables, cassette, change out the cranks rings for a single speed specific ring and use a cassette splined single speed cog and spacers out back. Voila! Single speed, albeit with the derailluer hangar on one side.

  10. AC Says:

    Hi Guitar Ted,

    It seems weird because Stumpy has a modular/removable type dropout, but it’s not adjustable like the Rockhopper. I’m puzzled how the Stumpy dropout will work to tension the chain if it were run SS. I do not see any adjustability options with the Stumpy pictured.

    Do you know if the production Stumpy is going to have an adjustable dropout like the RH in these pics?


  11. Guitar Ted Says:

    AC: The Stumpjumper we saw at Sea Otter had slots for the drop outs to slide back and forth in, albeit not by alot. Definitely enough to tension a single speed cog though.

  12. agu Says:

    apologies if my mistaken inclusion of ‘spokes’ caused a wave of sarcasm (all in friendly jest, i’m sure!)

    where I’m from, 29ers are a rare sight. I’ve only seen one other rider on a 29er on the trail. All my 29er-specific parts I had to source from outside the Philippines. (I was also one of a handful of pioneering single-speeders. Now there are more of us, finally!)

    So it does excite me to see more companies offering options – if only to have my local distributors here bring in 29er bits. Case in point – local bike shops now have more single-speed parts as well.

    I’ve learned so much from this site and and the other 29er riders. It was a leap of faith for me, switching from my SS 26er to my Karate Monkey, and I’m glad I did – thanks to all of you.

    Anyone got a 29er-specific tire lever and patch kit? I think I got a puncture…

  13. name:este Says:

    Your right about the friendly jest agu. All in good fun. If you had road bikes in the Phillippines then you had spokes and rims. You also had hubs, brakes, drive train components, etc.. All you were lacking for 29″ specific parts was a frame and a set of 29″ tires, when you got those you had it going on, just like it all came down in the spring of 1999. The leap of faith has just taken longer for many, including Specialized. However their leap was less about faith than $$. So it goes.

  14. agu Says:

    haha thanks name:este! yes, defo tires are in short supply here. we’re definitely hoping to take care of the frame bit (working out a deal to distribute Voodoos here)…

    Ahhh 1999…a good year!

  15. clyds dale Says:

    I can’t seem to find any 29’er presta valve caps… any help out there? ;~)

    But seriously – keep up the great work on this site – 29’ers are the future of biking. The stumpers and rockhoppers will just confirm what we all already know. I am glad to see Specialized roll them out.

  16. Angus Says:

    Hey I got some 29er specific grips if anybody wants some…..

  17. kendyl Says:

    how come no one is winning or at least racing 29ers. i checked sea otter pro race no one in the top pro races were on 29ers. should i rethink my 29er purchase ??

  18. Saxxhoromyxes Says:

    Alooooomeeuuummmm. Yucky. My back hurts already.

  19. SPOKES???? Says:

    Katie Compton is tearing it up on the womens pro circuit with a 29R. i assure you she will win every race she enters this year but not because of the 29R. she is an incredible rider and will win with ease because of the 29R!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. michael Says:

    I saw the geometry for the 2008 Specialized 29ers in this catalog.
    It looks like it has a really short wheelbase (short chainstays and top tube), and a slack (69.5) headtube. How’s this going to work, handling-wise, assuming it’s going to have a standard 38 mm offset fork?

  21. AC Says:

    Yeah, there’s some weird stuff happening with their 29er sizing. The 29er is actually smaller than their 07 26er: ( I only looked at the 17″ )

    2007 17″ 26er 2008 17″ 29er
    Seat Tube Length 431.8mm 432mm
    Seat Tube Length 362mm n/a
    Top Tube Length (H) 585mm 567mm
    Top Tube Length (A) 561mm 546mm
    Bottom Bracket Drop 36mm n/a
    Bottom Bracket Height 304mm 299mm
    Chainstay Length 424mm 426mm
    Seat Tube Angle 73° 73°
    Head Tube Angle 71° 69.5°
    Rake 39mm n/a
    Trail 76mm n/a
    Front Center 637mm n/a
    Wheel Base 1058mm 1057mm
    Standover Height 759mm 740mm
    Head Tube Length 110mm 120mm
    Handlebar Width 600mm 620mm
    Stem Length 90mm 75mm
    Crank Length 175mm 170mm
    Seatpost Length 350mm 350mm

  22. Cloxxki Says:

    The Myka Sport gets the same table 🙂
    Sizing will be up to a 23″ frame.

  23. 9X9er Says:

    Cannondale is revamping its 29er line with a Caffiene 29er Front triangle carbon, and the rear end is going to be carbon, essentially a 13/six. This model will also come bearing SI cranks on the highest end model also a complete XO drivetrain a full geared 29er SI. That is the “pro” level bike. Just below that they are discussions of doing a Standard Alloy version with a lefty carbon and XT adorning the rest of the components. Then a Cheaper Version like the one that is currently avalible will still be. Then the dream SS 1FG 29er! which will be somewhere around $1500.

    Loving my custom painted beans team 29er Caff. check the website out.

  24. Jorgy Says:

    Does anyone know the components that are going to be on the Rockhopper Disc?

  25. Travis Says:

    Looks like the 2008 Rockhopper comp disc 29r is useing the A1 frame. The 2008 Rockhopper comp disc 26r uses the M4 frame, is this a down grade by going to the 29r?

  26. Angus Says:

    Travis both 29er Rockhopper frames will be M4, not the A1 that was originally posted by tge big red S

  27. Travis Says:

    Glad to see that, as I had canceled my order for the Rockhopper comp disc 23â€? 26r for the 29r adding an extra $100. The trails in my area are full of tree roots and fallen branches, plus I’m a bigger guy 6’3â€? 210lb, thinking the 29r will fit better. My Son also a ‘big guy’ has already adopted my 3 month old 2007 Hardrock XL sport Disc, so the wait for the 29er is getting painful – we do some fun rides together.

  28. Dave Says:

    Does anyone know if Specialized is making a 26er similar to the 29er in that it would have those dropouts that slide back and forth?

  29. Travis Says:

    Looks like Specialized has updated their website for the 2008 line, I see the Stumpy FRS 29er but no Rockhopper 29er, whats the deal???

  30. AC Says:

    My dealer just called and said the Rockhoppers are in….

  31. jay t Says:

    i just recieved a 08 rockhopper comp. (15″) for my wife. all measurements and the same or just barely different that the 26″ in the same bike. she doesnt ride much and when she does she only stands on the downhills. my thinking is she might benefit from the “streamroller” affect, i know i do on my haro 29″. very nice bike, lighter than i thought it would be, nice color….

  32. TreS Says:

    I am about 5″ 6′ and i’m looking into the specialized disc 29er. I was able to test ride a 17″ and it seemed fine, but i’m wondering if a 15.5″ might be better. the shop doesn’t have that size in stock so i can’t test it out for myself. any thoughts.

  33. old specialized rockhopper pictures Says:

    […] curve-ded. … guy’ has already adopted my 3 month old 2007 Hardrock XL sport Disc, so the wait … Rockhopper Pro Disc Review BikeRadar.comSpecialized Bicycles rockhopper Pro Disc 08 1200 […]

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