A Yeti 29"er?

We are hearing that a proto type yeti 29″er is being piloted somewhere in the Rockies. Supposedly it is based on their 575 model which is similar to a Fisher HiFi/ Sugar type bike.

The 26 inch model has over 5 inches of rear wheel travel which probably won’t translate over to a 29″er platform without use of a modified seat tube from what is being used currently. If in fact Yeti can squeeze out five inches in a 29″er package, it would be quite a bow for them into the 29″er market place. Let’s hope they can manage it.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.


No Responses to “A Yeti 29"er?”

  1. BlackBean Says:

    A buddy of mine will be happy about this. He’s a devout Yeti fan.

  2. MMcG Says:

    wondering if it is more of a take on the AS-R frame rather than the 575. Essentially the same concept with the 575 providing more travel.

    Looking forward to seeing this one. The Yeti frames seem to offer very good bang for the buck.

  3. shifty Says:

    There is a custom ASR running around that was built for a 29″x100mm fork. Have not seen or heard tell of 29″ rear Yeti.

  4. Mark Says:

    i emailed yeti asking them, they said they do NOT believe in the concept! Plain and simple, this could be a front i guess?

  5. Guitar Ted Says:

    My info was that a guy spotted one on a trail and asked about it. He was told it was a proto type 29″er based on the 575. Of course, if you run a company, and are not ready to answer the flood of e-mails and questions, you are going to deny everything until you are ready. See Cannondale for a prime example of this tactic.

  6. Mark Says:

    Now we are in 2009. You see … unlucky NO ANY YETI 29er anymore. ;-(

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