First Impression: ZTR ARCH 29er Hope Pro II Disc Wheelset

Well that was a mouthful of a title. A Tubeless 29er wheelset you say? As this is completely new to me, it was all a bit overwhelming to dive directly into the whole “Stan’sâ€? setup with the rim strip, the “goo,â€? and the worry in the back of my mind of what could happen if I lost the bead on the front tire blazing down some sketchy horse trail.

Once the wheels were fully equipped with tires and the Stan’s setup, I noticed that within a week the front tire had lost a significant amount of air. It appeared that the Stan’s had not quite sealed up one certain spot, and as I pumped the tire back up, sealant came spewing out from that specific area of the bead. However, after further inspection the Stan’s was doing exactly what it should throughout the rest of the tire bead. We tried it again and the tires have held air very well for two weeks now.

The ZTR Arch 29er rims, as tested, spin around on Hope Pro II disc hubs. These hubs are simply beautiful. Machined aluminum, and anodized in a color of your choice. Well, you get a choice of the six colors that they offer. As you can see in the pictures, the hubs that are being tested are silver and unless you want me to get out my scales, micrometers, dial calipers, and get really technical about the hubs; all I can really say is that I have been impressed. The Hope hubs are high quality, strong, yet light, and you can’t go wrong with sealed cartridge bearings. The rear hub engages really well, and I can tell that my power input is transferred through the hub and wheel to the contact patch quite efficiently, and they roll very smoothly. You also get that cool clicking noise associated with the internals of high end hubs. Does it make you faster? No, but perhaps it makes you feel faster. Some of us need that kind of positive riding esteem boost. Longevity of the hubs is of course, to be determined, but at this time, I wouldn’t begin to question it.

The wheels as a complete unit feel stable, all the spokes are nice and tight, and everything is nice and true. Though, as with all brand new wheels, these will need some adjustment after a break in period. As a tubeless newbie, I can tell you that I was quite impressed with the added traction that I noticed while riding, as well as the strength of these wheels. I can’t foresee folding the front wheel over into a “tacoâ€? on a tight switchback anytime soon. I can assure you that these wheels will be put through that kind abuse this summer. With 24 hour, and XXC races to come in the following months, you can certainly expect to see some updates! ZTR Arch 29er wheelset ZTR Arch 29er wheelset

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No Responses to “First Impression: ZTR ARCH 29er Hope Pro II Disc Wheelset”

  1. Thunderlump Says:

    Hey jake how much do you wheels weigh in at? with out tires.

  2. Jake Says:

    Well, when I weighed them it was with tires. That came out to be about 4.2 lbs for the rear wheel with the cog set on it, and a fully inflated tire. I will have a tire-less weight back to you soon. Thanks!

  3. Jake Says:

    Sorry again that I don’t have the weights without the tires, etc.

    I will make sure that once I am done reviewing these wheels and I break them back down and do my final review, I will have these numbers for you.

    Please keep an eye out.

  4. Mike B. Says:

    Don’t know if Tim or Jake drilled any speed holes or maybe added some lead ballast but when the wheels left here they weighed 857g front and 965g rear with the yellow tape and valves installed.

  5. Dirt McGirt Says:

    How wide???

  6. Jake Says:

    How wide? Do you mean the Hub width?, Rim Width?, or the Tire Width that I’m running?

  7. Trabes Says:

    I have a similiar wheelset King hubs, DT champion spokes laced onto Stan’s 355’s. They are hanging in after about a year of riding most days. You are going to need and want those Park truing stand extenders to keep things right without messing with the tire.

  8. patrick Says:

    If I remember correctly, My Stans set up came in at 2010. That was Olympic 29″ lots of alloy, DT SWiss Hubs, Tape, Salsa Skewers, and the XTR casettee.

    These wheels are smoking fast…..

  9. Jake Says:

    That is exactly something else I want to look into. They felt fast, but I have mainly been riding in tight areas, and technical climbs and downhills. I want to catch a few nice fire road downhill sections and really get some speed built up to see how they feel. Hopefully I will do this tomorrow, and definitely next week.

  10. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Sorry, how wide are the rims?

  11. Jake Says:

    Here is some info on the rims from the website.

  12. Blake Says:

    Do you have a list of the tires that are able to be used with the system, or a list of tires that can’t be used with the system?

  13. Blake Says:

    Never Mind

  14. Jake Says:

    Well you can pretty much run any type of tire on the rim itself. It just depends on wether you want to go with the tubeless set up and so on. Most tubeless ready, and tubeless tires should work fine. However, of course the selection isn’t that wide as of yet for 29ers.

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