Cannondale Updates F-29: Offers A Single Speed In '08

We’re hearing that Cannondale has heard the criticisms of the F-29 and has updated the frame to answer the concerns of many riders. (Us included!) It seems that the geometry has been tweaked a bit in the area of the top tube effective length to actually match up with it’s 26 inch Caffiene hardtails. It seems the top tube measurements were a bit short of spec in the ’07 models of the F-29.

Also, Cannondale has seen fit to massage the seat stays to clear up to 2.5″ tires. This is a much needed improvement over the minimal clearance at the seat stay brace on the ’07 F-29 models.

Finally, we are hearing that the 1 FG single speed will be done up in 29″er wheels for ’08. We’re guessing it’s still going to sport a Lefty, like the other Caffeines, and not a Head Shok, as the 26″er 1 FG bikes had. This will be in addition to the revised frame for gears on the current F-29. Probably an eccentric bottom bracket type chain tensioner, as other Cannondale single speeds have employed in the past.

Rumor has it that the 1 FG, the current F-29, an upscale spec’ed F-29, and possibly one other model will be introduced for the ’08 season. How about a Rush 29″er? Or a Taurine carbon hardtail 29″er?

More information as we get it!


No Responses to “Cannondale Updates F-29: Offers A Single Speed In '08”

  1. Shhhh Says:

    A certain former Pro from WV rides a proto ala moto f29er singlespeed and told me it was a dreamy ride.

  2. quiet Says:

    I rode it and it is very dreamy. But seriously West Virginias Black Water Bikes has a new 29er specific race team this year wit some very sweet custom 29er Proto bikes. More news to follow on that front.

  3. Wv Mt Biker Says:

    That is very interesting. I would be interested in more info. I bought my last bike from Blackwater Bikes

  4. martini Says:

    Nice spamming action there guys….

  5. SteveK Says:

    Personally I like the way the large ’07 F29 fits me. I like a longer seat tube with a short top tube. Not like the way my medium Rush is sized with it’s ultra short seat tube.

  6. Shhhh really James from Delaware Says:

    Mine was not spam, just that a former pro still elite age grouper is riding a proto F29 SS and likes it. I have no idea what team he rides for. We ride for the same cyclocross team and he lets a scrug like me pit for him and emails me from time to time. Everyone would know this guy by his hair style alone.

    Sorry to come off like that. It really was not spam for me, just excited about the F29er SS at the moment.

  7. Guitar Ted Says:

    SteveK: I agree to a point with you. I liked the way it fit me personally. I am a bit short in the torso and long in the leg, so it suited me fine. The thing is, Cannondale stated from the get go that the F-29 would fit just like a 26″er, and it just wasn’t so. Others coming off a 26″er C’dale would get a rude awakening if they expected their new F-29er to fit up the same way. Now, at least, the two wheel formats should be more in line with each other than they were before for Cannondale in terms of sizing.

  8. BWB Says:

    If you want to see the man and the machine check this out…

  9. CA guy Says:

    I just rode at demo cannondale gave. The XL just barely fits me, but my torso is proportionally short for my size. I plan on buying one by the way.

  10. Thunderlump Says:

    Nice looking ride My braother is racing A geared F29 with stans wheels. He has it built up to 22lbs with gears, and hope brakes. I tried it out, that lefty is stout, and no its not like their 26 bikes, its better. More supple

  11. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Well, sounds like everyone has had their glass of Kool Aid in here….. Anyone want to buy a bridge?

  12. BWB Says:

    Well… I drank the kool aid and it tastes great. Who do you work for Dirt McGirt ? Trek or Gary Fisher? Or are you just one of those guys that still runs cantilever brakes and a rigid fork? I put my butt on the saddle and let my legs do the talking and they told me that this bike rocks! Hey we do need a bridge, what do you got?

  13. Dirt McGirt Says:

    I work for the larget IBD in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve also worked for a shop on the east coast as a sales and service manager. Said shop was a top 10 Cdale dealer every year I was there. Do I like cannondale mountain bikes for no good reason? No. I’ve seen too many design flaws to EVER beleive that they work properly, new ownership or not. It’s not because we don’t carry them anymore, it’s not because I don’t ride one. It’s because you’ll be hard pressed to convince me that they match up with the glowing seniment above due to my many days and nights in the trenches working on those damn things trying/praying/hoping to get them to shift well enough to meet MY standards. And don’t get me started on those GD leftys. Don’t GET me started!!!

  14. BWB Says:

    So you probably sell Trek/ Gary Fisher and maybe Specialized, but not C’dale… well I’ve worked on Cannondale mountain bikes since about 1985 and I’ve never had a shifting problem I couldn’t solve. Does any one else know of supposed shifting issues with Cannondales? Mine shifted just fine right across the finish line of my last three races- one of them was a mudfest at 35F. Must be a “high standards” issue.

    Cannondale’s flexible, in-house, American made, CAD tube cutting and frame building process (I took the factory tour earlier this year) allows them to quickly adjust and change frame specs, so I doubt there are any “design flaw” problems that aren’t changed quickly, if they ever existed in the first place.

    Look at the frame in the picture I referenced above- could a big factory in Taiwan quickly whip out a small one-off run of SS/oversize bb frames to be tested by grass root pro riders racing just hours from the factory? This team’s feedback gets back into factory Monday morning to the tech guys and engineers for further tweaking that will be incorporated into frames and forks in the near future. No bull.

    Every thing has advantages and disadvantages: twentynine inch wheels, Lefty forks, American factory workers, no tube wheel systems, disc brakes… sure there are problems but, given a choice, I wouldn’t race without any of these because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

    Lefty forks are probably still going through an evolutionary process but they steer better than ANY other suspension fork and the 110 SL at 2.7 lbs. is far lighter than anything available in the 29″XC racing fork category.

    And yeah I drank the kool aid a long time ago but I’m still alive and my F29’er hasn’t fallen apart yet. I’ve been riding and selling Cannondales for around twenty years and I have friends who work for Cannondale so I AM biased but I’m not lying or exaggerating.

  15. Thank-you BWB Says:

    I have been fortunate enough to race bicycles all over the country. I have ridden everything from specialized, trek, gary fisher, giant, and the cannondale F 29er that i currently ride. I will say that hands down, the c’dale is the NICEST bike I have ever ridden. Also, the lefty fork is just absolutely amazing!!! (yea, im getting things started…)
    Im not sure how one could dis-like a bicycle company just because they lack the ability to adjust the shifting themselves…seems a little odd to me, especially when you work in the greatest bike shop on the East Coast… Maybe Mr. McGirt doesn’t like C’dale because they don’t have a tri-cycle his size??? I spiked the Kool Aid.

  16. Dirt McGirt Says:

    This all started off wit me having a little fun. Then (as usual) the Cdale cult HAD to make it personal. I’m not all about Taiwanese companies. In fact I usually point people in the direction of smaller companies like Rocky Mountain, Seven, etc.

    Look, I HATE Cannondales. No amount of huffing or puffing or personal attacks (dick) are going to cange that. And I’m not on the East Coast, Phil, I’m west side till I die.

    Sorry you guys paid too much for marketing hype.

    i’m out

  17. Dirt McGirt Says:

    Ps. Grow up I moved away from the East Coast to get away from crap like this. You ride your’s, I’ll ride mine and we’ll all have fun. Oh, and there ARE trikes in my size, Mr. Nosey Pants!! :oP

    Keep the rubber side down

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