The Diamondback Overdrive: The First Comes Back Again

Many of the readers here may not realize this, but back in the early 1990’s a 700c based mountain bike made by Diamond Back called the Overdrive was unleashed on the public. It received rave reviews, but with only one tire available and one suspension fork, the 26 inch market overwhelmed the concept, and Diamond Back abandoned the model.

Now I have it on authority that the first 700c production mountain bike will make another appearance in ’08. The details are not available at this time, but at least a couple models of the Overdrive 29″er should see shop floors sometime next year. As new details are learned, we will post them up here.

UPDATE: more info here…


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  1. Twenty Nine Inches | A 29er Bike site » Blog Archive » Today’s Posts Says:

    […] The Diamondback Overdrive: The first comes back again […]

  2. name:este Says:

    They might as well make the cheap one black and the better one green and call it the OD Comp as long as they are at it.

  3. shiggy Says:

    Are they bringing back the splatter paint job, too? 😀

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