Diamondback Overdrive is confirmed and a 29 inch RockShox Dart

Talked with some product guys at Diamondback today (who made the first real 29er) and they are confirming two versions of a big wheeled Overdrive model due out this fall.

As you probably know, most 29ers are easily over $1500. Well Diamondback wants to make a 29er for the everyday man… there’s a version coming out that will be around $600. Typical geometry for a 29er and will be outfitted with a RockShox Dart 3 (a bit more on this further down).

They’ll also have the same frame spec’d higher end (i.e. RockShox Reba) for around $1200.

I’m pretty excited about their $600 price point. Diamondback does budget bikes pretty well and if they reiterate that here, this is gonna be a 29er that people can afford and will get good quality for the money.

On the RockShox Dart series… I’ve heard from a couple different sources (but not straight from SRAM) that they are definitely releasing a big wheeled version. And I’m assuming it’s pretty confirmed if Diamondback is planning on hanging it on their 29er.


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