More Bits From Sea Otter

First of all, I’ll have some exclusive interviews with Brendan Collier of Siren Bikes and Heather Irminger of the Gary Fisher/ Subaru Team coming to you in a few days. Great stuff and very interesting takes on 29″ers and “69ers” as well.

Next I can say that I did in fact track down the elusive Specialized Stumpjumper 29″er. It is being raced in the cross country event on Sunday, so look for it if you are there. Specialized employees were tight lipped about it, in typical fashion, saying only that it was an ’08 product. I did get the athlete that is riding it to allow some photos…

Specialized Stumpjumper 29er
Specialized Stumpjumper 29er
Specialized Stumpjumper 29er
Specialized Stumpjumper 29er
Specialized Stumpjumper 29er
Specialized Stumpjumper 29er

Update! I have confirmation that Specialized is at least bringing out a Stumpjumper and a Rockhopper 29″er hard tail. We are also seeing a type of modular drop out here on the Stumpjumper at the show using two allen bolts to secure the drop out to the frame. Interestingly, the mounting bolts on the non-drive side of the frame were slotted, as if one could use it as a single speed, but curiously the drive side didn’t seem to have this feature. We have a picture in this group of the drive side drop out for your perusal.

I’m also seeing a sprinkling of 29″ers being raced at Sea Otter. I have spotted the following rigs: Willits, Independant Fabrications, Soulcraft, Salsa Dos Niner, Fisher, and Voo Doo.

Voodoo Canzo

Initial demo riders reports indicate that the Manitou Minute 29″er feels pretty plush. The Mavic Crossmax 29″er wheels are getting thumbs up as well.

Rumors are floating about concerning the Rock Shox Reba with an increased offset crown. SRAM officials are not talking about it, but the rumor is persistent amongst some of the show vendors here. Also being heard are whisperings about a WTB tire in a huge size. Some say 2.6″, some say as big as 2.8″! I have also heard of big tire rumblings previous to Sea Otter, but not concerning any particular tire company. Stay tuned for more as we learn it!


No Responses to “More Bits From Sea Otter”

  1. Jake Says:

    Heather Imirger??? Ok, now you guys are just bragging…

  2. Bike29 Says:

    Interesting that it has a Reba (rock shox) shock on the stumpie.

  3. gumby Says:

    track me down some 4″-5″ full suspension action from Specialized PLEASE!
    I hope those two are not the pinnacle of their 29er offerings after all that crap about getting it right before they jump in!!

  4. Matty Says:

    Wow Specialized really knocked me over with this. Who would of thunk it, a GEARED ALUMINUM HARDTAIL. Way to knock someones socks off there Special Ed.

  5. rockhound Says:

    I can’t believe anyone is going to actually consider purchasing a SPECIALizED 29er considering their about-face after being so arrogant earlier.

  6. cjsbike Says:

    Holy cow! A Specialized 29er. The world has changed. Now if the other guys would follow suit!

    Conversation today with the local Specialized dealer:

    Me-“Specialized finally decided to enter the 29er market?”

    SD-“Yeah, they wanted to get it right before rushing into the market.”

    Me-“Are you bringing any into the shop?”

    SD-“NO! It is just a fad!”

    Me-“Just a fad? How many people have been asking you for a Specialized 29er?”

    SD-“Here is my list of 36 customers who want a Specialized 29er.”

    Me-“What are you going to do?”

    SD-“A 29er is not a great handling bike, so I will convince them to buy a 26er.”

    Me-“Have you spent any time besides parking lot riding on a 29er?”

    SD-“No way!”

    True ignorance.


  7. shiggy Says:

    The Stumpy is also on display in one of the Spec product booths (not the team area) with a nice info card. The dropouts on both sides are slotted. Lots o’ tire clearance in the chainstays and F derailleur clearance, too.

    Also has a NEW 29×2.00 tire with the name “The Captain” molded on the sidewalls but on hot stamp labels

  8. shiggy Says:

    The 51mm offset Reba is more than a rumor. One of the bike company guys confirmed they have been test riding it and the short offset fork on their bikes. This same company will be dropping production of all 26″ wheel mtbs next year and expand their 29er offerings.

  9. Captain Bob Says:

    That tire name has got to change or they will owe me a lot of money for stealing my blogging name.

  10. Captain Bob Says:

    Is the front tire pictured “The Captain?” I see it is not the same tread as the Fast Trax.

  11. Adam Lisonbee Says:

    They are tight lipped about a HT 29er? That’s funny.

  12. BunE Says:

    First of all my fave LBS doesn’t carry Specialized OR trek! YAY!

    Next: He thought that the 29er was a fad too until I bought an XXIX from him. Once he got it in, we went for a ride and he loved it! (50+ roadie, I get him on the trails MAYBE 2x a year) His e’ees were asking about it and even tried to buy mine before I picked it up. Now… He keeps 29ers on the floor.

    Education and patience are how you defeat ignorance and fear.

    That and a pistol…

    29er 4 all!

  13. Guitar Ted Says:

    Update: Look for more detailed pics of the drop out, and “The Captain” tire from Sea Otter in an up coming post today.

    My initial impression is “The Captain” is not necessarily going to out roll some of the racier tires out there. I think it’s more an all around looking type pattern.

  14. Michael Says:

    What did the info. card for the Stumpjumper 29er at the Specialized product booth say?

  15. Michael Says:

    Also, did the Rockshox Reba fork on it have a longer offset?

  16. Chaffer Says:

    ‘Sup with the Voodoo? Any news on a timeline for availability? Has anyone ridden one? Any thoughts?



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