Details On The Tubeless Ready System

One of the several new things we learned today was how the Tubeless Ready wheel and tire system actually was developed. This is especially important for the 29″er market as Bontrager has not one, but two different wheel models that will compliment their ACX, XR, and Dry X Tubeless Ready Tires.

The key is in how the system is engineered. Instead of taking an adaptive approach, and making existing technology work, Bontrager engineers dictated new specifications for tolerances in the molding of the tires and rim strips for the rims that they developed. Demanding the tighter tolerances means that the Tubeless Ready tires will have an optimum interface with Bontrager’s rim/rim strip system, (and note that the rim strip itself is a precisely made piece as well) so that you as a rider will have a tire that seats securely to the rim with no fear of burping or blow offs at reasonable pressures. The tires reportedly will seat up with a floor pump, and can be removed “without excessive cussing” as I was told today.

So, yeah……the tires, well they are coming on line soon. The ACX is actually already available. The Dry X is next and I have finally gotten my mits on some pre-production samples, so soon I will be testing them out. Look for pictures and a post next week.

This rim, tire, and rim strip system is highly refined already, having been tested by the likes of Nat Ross, JHK, Travis Browne, and other Trek/Fisher folks who are giving their thumbs up on the system and are planning on using it in their ’07 racing campaigns. Bontrager has high hopes of seeing this become the premier tubeless system for 29″ers and it shows in the thought and details in the system. How will it play in Peoria……or Crested Butte?, we’ll see. However, it looks like the combination has winning attributes so far.

Finally, the Rhythm 29″er wheels and the Race X Lite wheels for 29″er are both going to be Tubeless Ready compatible with their own individual rim strips that are model specific. The Rhythm 29″er will also come in a Comp and Elite level, with the main difference between the two models being the hubs. In addition; the two models of Rhythm 29″er wheels will be convertible from 9mm QR to 20mm through axle type. The Rhythm wheels are also 28 spoke count wheels with 28mm wide asymmetrical spoke beds for reduced wheel dishing front and rear. The wheels are all disc brake compatible only.

I’m really looking forwards to the Tubeless Ready System tryout on my bike to guage whether or not this will really be an improvement over tubed set ups for my 29″er. Look for even more in the future from Bontrager, as I heard some pretty cool whisperings about the possible expansion of the line up. Stay tuned!


No Responses to “Details On The Tubeless Ready System”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice write up. Can’t wait to see them. Casey

  2. Matty Says:

    I am running the 26″ version for the rhythm elites on my dirt jumping bike and if the 29er version is anything like mine, i will be first in line to purchase them.

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