29er Sneak Peak from Fisher

A whole new line of 29ers coming out of Fisher for ’08. Here’s a couple pictures from a slideshow they gave. Click to see bigger.

gary fisher 29er

gary fisher 29er

gary fisher 29er

gary fisher 29er

gary fisher 29er

gary fisher 29er

gary fisher 29er

gary fisher 29er

gary fisher 29er

gary fisher 29er

gary fisher 29er


No Responses to “29er Sneak Peak from Fisher”

  1. clgf Says:

    Just be patient.

    Look for some more from the 29er Crew!


  2. dirtpedaler.com » Fisher 29er updates, Fox forks. Says:

    […] The folks art “where else” have new drawings of the Fisher lineup for next year. Carbon? I can’t hardly believe that Trek didn’t keep that for themselves. […]

  3. name:este Says:

    Fisher is swinging for the fence before the other teams even get on the bus. Pure Gold Gary, Pure Gold.

  4. Dirt McGirt Says:

    I’ll have one of each, please!

  5. Cloxxki Says:

    In terms of front end geometry, this is not evolution, it’s a leap back both forward and backward, in the early 1900’s they had offset all figured out, and the best MTB’s in the world also get long offset (Jeff Jones bikes).
    Revolution! 12mm more offset from one year to the other, you can barely use boh forks on the same frame 🙂 100/51mm on a frame built for 80mm should be fine though.

  6. dave Says:

    umm – maybe I’m thinking about this all wrong, but a taller fork with more rake means slower steering right?

  7. NoSe Says:

    Taller fork means slower steering, more rake faster.

  8. dave Says:

    I was confusing “fork offset” with “trail” – (http://www.kreuzotter.de/english/elenk.htm) should provide enough info to confuse most if us 🙂

    MMMM carbon Fischer please. yum.

  9. cjsbike Says:

    I am really excited about the new 2008 GF 29er product!

    However, how long will it take to fill orders for the new items?

    I have been waiting for my special order XL Ferrous 29er since January!

    Just a little venting!


  10. Guitar Ted Says:

    Chad: The Ferrous is a strange one in that it sports several touches that alot of custom bikes would have that assembly line made frames usually don’t have. I hear that Fisher is trying to fill orders as fast as they can, but some of the delay is due to the very unique nature of the frame itself. Don’t worry, you’ll love yours when it does show up, they are very nice!

  11. Twenty Nine Inches | A 29er Bike site » Blog Archive » Full Gary Fisher announcement video Says:

    […] I posted these pics a couple weeks ago at the Trek/Fisher/Bontrager product launch. I’ve now got the whole video that they showed us. […]

  12. oderus Says:

    Chad, cancel your order and get something else. I have seen 2 customers finally get their Ferrous’ after 6 months of waiting. Both bikes showed up with the rear triangles way out of alignment. Pisser is……Fisher can’t do anything about it cause they don’t have any warranty or replacements available. I had one customer cancel her order after 5 months and she got a Paragon instead. Give the Niner MCR or SIR 9 a look. Just an observation and a thought.

  13. Drew Says:

    Ferrous is unbelievable … it’s amazing … it’s a bontrager 29er in disguise … I’m sure keith and gary talked this bike over and over … it’s amazing … it’s amazing!

  14. Shuka Says:

    Hello Guys:

    I have the ferrous 29 and I am trying to return it because the seat stays are too wide too high and my ankle hits the seat stay on every turn of the crank.

    I like GF 29 – I started with the 229 model – its only problem was the shimmy. I then bought the Paragon on which the frame broke where the sit tube meets the main frame (3 more similar pairs that were bought from the same shop I bought mine broke at the same place) and now the ferrous which was suppose to replace the broken paragon is no good as I can not ride it with out counting the revs by hitting my ankle on the sit stay.

    I think GF was smart starting this line of 29 but I am not sure about their capabilities as bike builders.

  15. Chris London Says:

    I was fortunate enough to bag a ferrous earlier this year and I cannot even begin to give this bike the justice it deserves. I cant get off the damn thing! I just blew a few guys away that I could never beat at a triathalon I just did this weekend. Amazing.

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