Horgan-Kobelski Wins National Event Aboard A 29"er

The time trial event held at the NOVA National in Arizona on Friday was won by Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Team Subabru- Gary Fisher) aboard a 1 X 9 equipped 29″er hardtail. The bike was set up with a front 39 T ring and had a 34 for the largest cog in the cassette. Horgan-Kobelski is thinking of using the same bike in the cross country event as well.

The course, described as “undulating with sharp corners, drops and dips” should help dispel the myth that 29″ers are not fast on courses with tight corners. Several other 29″ers were reportedly ridden by other athletes as well, showing a spreading acceptance by racers at the top level.

Read a detailed account of the event by Velo News here.


No Responses to “Horgan-Kobelski Wins National Event Aboard A 29"er”

  1. TB Says:

    HK rode a 39tx11-34

  2. TB Says:

    3rd place sam shutz was also on a 29er. 1.8 tires.

  3. Guitar Ted Says:

    TB: Thanks, correction made!

  4. Thunderlump Says:

    I was there, HK had some bonty 1.2-1.5 CX tires, By the way single speed was A 29er sweep; I took third on my unit two nine, the guy in second was on his rig, and the first place guy was on his niner. Alot of semi-pros including my brother were rollin on twentyniners. I just also wanted to give A shout out to Kevin Noble and Mark Peterson from Kona for the backup. Also got to ride A prototype CrossMark tire this weekend, all I can say is “Very Nice”.

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