GT Peace 9r Review: First Impression

I suppose I will begin this entry by first introducing myself. As you are most undoubtedly here for the bike, I will keep this brief. My name is Jake, local to Forest, Virginia and a twenty-niner junkie. I think this will be a lot of fun and I hope that everyone is able to gather some useful and entertaining information from the articles that I will be sending in over the next few months. Well, now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s move on to what you are really here for.

GT was kind enough to lend this year’s Peace 9r model for testing and review. This is a great looking bike, and with no gears or shocks, the name “Peaceâ€? is very fitting for a bike that is so representative of the simple ideals that generally coincide with the sport of mountain biking. It really is just you, the bike, and the outdoors. “Peaceâ€? really says it all, and as I have a tendency to nickname the bikes I ride, this one has been dubbed “The Hippy Bike,â€? but now we are getting off the trail.

GT Peace 9r Review

I have been riding my own personal bike for almost two years now, and to be honest I was not totally sure what to expect, jumping on something new, especially with this one being fully rigid and only having that one lone speed to get around with. If you were to ask me the number on quality that I tend to look for in a bike, I can tell you honestly that it’s handling. Handling, handling, and more handling, I need to be (or at least feel) fast in the “twisties.â€? If I don’t feel comfortable in the tight spots on a bike, then well, it’s time to move on.

This is where the Peace 9r comes in. The look of the bike does not exactly scream “race speedâ€? right of the box, but immediately found myself flying through the trail taking tight corners with ease, and most importantly, much stability. Though I do ride a riser bar on my own bike, the Peace’s bar has a little too much rise and rake for me, and it feels to be about 8 feet wide. I generally need only a slight rise and a fairly narrow bar. However, despite this, it does still allow for quick cornering, and then you also have the downhill control advantage that comes with a riser bar. Handlebar preference, of course, varies widely from rider to rider. The frame geometry puts the rider a stable riding position which allows you to get the most out of your power input and helps with handling.

GT Peace 9r Review

Another oddity that I did note while riding this bike is that it feels pretty big. The frame that I used for testing is a medium (18â€?), but the bike as a whole feels suited for someone larger than me. All 29’ers sit somewhat higher, but there is something that I can’t quite put my finger on. The Peace is also somewhat heavy for being so stripped down. However, according to GT’s website the bike is being promoted as a skills and strength building bike, so weight in that case is fairly excusable.

GT Peace 9r Review

The bike itself, with regard to price, comes in around $550.00 for MSRP, which I would have to say is very nice to get you started in the single speed world. Coming spec’d with Truvative, Tektro, and WTB, the Peace 9r is also certainly not skimped on decent parts. There is quite a bit of bike here for the money if you are a budget rider. Along those same lines, everything on the bike feels solid, and it doesn’t give you that, “I hope I don’t break somethingâ€? sense of worry. Ride this bike, and ride it some more, you’re not going to hurt it.

Well, I suppose that’s enough for now. I can’t spill all of my good notes now. Keep an eye out for more on this bike in the next couple weeks as things begin to warm up, literally, as it is officially Spring. For now, I will leave you with one last comment on what I have noticed about the GT Peace 9r; it doesn’t like sitting in my basement. Time to go, I’ve got to feed the bike.

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No Responses to “GT Peace 9r Review: First Impression”

  1. Guitar Ted Says:

    Welcome Jake! Nice write up. Tim has been telling me you are ripping it up on that rig, it must be a pretty decent handling machine.

  2. Jake Says:

    Thanks, I’ve been a little critical of myself thus far, however. I have noticed a few typos that I made, and that first picture leaves something to be desired. I’ll make up for it on round two.

    It’s a pretty rad bike to say the least.

  3. wolfy Says:

    If someone were to call for a show of hands of those who find the GT seat-stay/top-tube thing aesthetically appealing, I would be in the subset who politely kept their hands in their laps. However, the fact that it has two wheels and handlebars more than makes up for that.


  4. 20.100 Fr Says:

    I’ve got this bike, and a friend of mine too.
    We find this bike slow handling in tight turns.

  5. BunE Says:

    It looks to have similar geometry to the XXIX, how does it compare?

  6. Jake Says:

    I honestly, have not ridden the XXIX, you may want to talk to Tim Grahl about that one.

  7. aj norman Says:

    hey guys im 5’10” and weigh 145 will this bike be good for me? I feel when im on a 26er its cramped. Also how do you keep the chain tensioned on the gt peace 9r?

  8. Jake Says:

    Hey. I am pretty much exactly the same as you, (5’10” – 150#) and every bike I ride is a 29er, so I say the fit is there if you wanna try it.

    The chain on this bike is tensioned with an eccentric bottom bracket. So far, I havn’t needed to tighten it up any, but I am sure in time it will.

    A new update, with much better pictures, should be up soon, so keep at eye out for that.

  9. Erwin Says:


    first post here, though I have been reading for a while. Finally decided to give both 29ers and single speeds a go and got the medium at 25% off at Wiggle here in the UK.

    I am 5’11ish and the med fits me fine.

    After about 1/2 hour riding I had to tighten the chain with the EBB, not sure if this was due to the chain stretching or the EBB not being tight enough from the factory.

    Went out for a 1h ride this morning on my usual local hill. Was surprised that I could do all but one climb without putting a foot down. Managed to get going again though and only pushed a few inches. Really enjoyed the experience – I think I’m hooked!

    Coming from a Kona Blast, with RockShox Dart 2 fork up front, I must say that I did not miss the suspension much. I suspect that the bigger wheels have a lot o do with that! The rear end definitely felt a lot smoother, not sure if that is the result of steel, bigger wheels, fatter tire or (probably) a combination of all these.

    For the money this is a great bike! Yes, the front wheel does not come off without some allen key work on the brakes (though I don’t see an easy way to design this problem out) and the paint may be on the thin side – but it is a LOT of fun, looks great and has some decent parts.

    If you have been dithering about SS and 29 – get one cheap now. By the way … did I mention that I really enjoyed my ride today?

  10. Andy Says:

    So, at 6’1″ with a 32″ inside leg, am I looking at a medium or a large?

  11. Phil Says:

    I’m 6′ and I ride this bike in a large with the saddle pretty low. But, I live in Chicago and this is primarily my winter bike. It’s a blast to ride in the snow. I’m going to throw it in the car and take it somewhere with some hills soon when the weather is decent. Around town, I it’s like reliving my bmx years jumping curbs and riding wheelies. This bike is like 3rd grade all over again, which is loads of fun.

  12. nath Says:

    all these coments sounds great but how can i pursuade my parents to get me one for Cristmas they think its rubbish andtoo much money!

  13. John Says:

    Does anyone have an 07 model that they would like to sell? It would have to be a large as i am 6’2. I have been mucking about about on 26′ wheeled rigid bikes and want to give a 29er a go.

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