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More 29"er Rumors!

February 28, 2007

Specialized 29″ers by May? Hearing Specialized will have their 29″ers in stores by May. More details will be coming, but I can not imagine that this is not in response to another big players announcement coming soon that they will have a full line up of 29″ers for ’08. Will there be a Fox shock on the front of these bikes? This was my prediction. We’ll see soon enough!

Sea Otter: Twenty Nine Inches is going to Sea Otter which means yours truly gets to fly again! Oh boy. But wait until you see what I’m coming home in! Not only that, but wait until you see who I’m coming home with! (Don’t worry Mrs. G-Ted, nothing untoward here! Besides, you already know about it.) Anyway, it’ll be an eye opener. Big news from Sea Otter, so stay tuned to Twenty Nine Inches for more. Now where are those galoshes……..

Syncros Developing 29″er Wheelset: Hearing that Syncros is developing a 29″er wheelset based upon their popular 26″er offerings. Rim design might be ready by Sea Otter with a full wheelset to be shown at Interbike. Anybody ready for white rims?

UPDATE Hearing now that Specialized will have three models under $1000.00. One will have some sort of adjustable drop out, but the others will be geared only. A “Rockhopper” model is already for release, but Specialized is waiting for “the right timing” to release it, so my source tells me. More updates as they become available.

the juice

February 27, 2007

another picture?

soma juice

February 27, 2007

this soma juice 29er is ready for 2007

Fan Pic!

February 27, 2007

Final version of the new Origin-8 Scout 29er!

Rock Shox Reba To Be Tweaked For 29"ers

February 26, 2007

I have just received word through a confidential source that SRAM/ Rock Shox is testing a new fork offset to be released in the near future for the Reba 29″er. A longer offset is being tested that will allow designers of 29″ers to do a couple of things. First, the head angle will not have to be radically steep to gain a lower fork trail number that more resembles what we have on 26 inch wheeled XC bikes. Handling in the tight, twisty single track trails will be markedly improved and the front end quickness should be suitable to most trail riders situations. Secondly, the smaller sizes of 29″ers will benefit, as a slacker head tube angle will not only kick the wheel out further, but so will the longer offset, helping to eliminate toe overlap with the front wheel in tight, slow manoeuvring. Yet the offset will help retain quick handling, unlike the current offset of 38mm.

Good timing on the part of SRAM/ Rock Shox will allow them to keep pace with the upcoming Manitou offering that will also have the longer offset on offer. Also, I suspect Fox to be working on something that should show up yet this year, as well. The Reba is the undisputed “queen” of 29″er forks, and this should help keep it in the hunt for the top fork choice for 29″ers going into the future.

Misfit Psycles diSSent 29er SS

February 26, 2007

Great ride! When I first took this bike out for a test run, it fit just like Cinderella’s slipper. I loved it so much I own 2 of them now. One Black frame, the other in Raw frame. Check it out for yourself, you will love it too!

Misfit Psycles diSSent 29er SS

February 26, 2007

Great ride! When I first took this bike out for a test run, it fit just like Cinderella’s slipper. I loved it so much I own 2 of them now. One Black frame, the other in Raw frame. Check it out for yourself, you will love it too!

Dekerf Cycle Innovations 29"er: Update

February 25, 2007

Dekerf Cycle Innovations, who just recently announced their comeback into the world of custom frame production, has released some more details on their as yet unnamed 29″er.

The frame, which will be completely made of custom drawn Reynolds 853 tubing, will feature the signature monostay seat stay/seat tube junction that Dekerf is known for. The head angle will be 71 degrees and the seat tube angle will be 73 degrees. There will also be a Dekerf “Tuning Fork” option that has yet to have it’s details ironed out yet, but keep in mind that Dekerf Cycle Innovations is a custom builder, so custom offsets shouldn’t be a problem to obtain.

Stay tuned for more information as we get it in.

Geax Saguaro 29 X 2.20 Tires: First Impressions

February 24, 2007

Geax Saguaro

I have gotten some of these Geax Saguaro tires to try out for a short period of time. These are Geax’s first entry into the 29″er tire market. They look to be a fast rolling pattern with rows of rectangular and squarish knobs arranged in a chevron pattern across the face of the tires carcass. The central knobs are all tied together by rubber reinforcements making the center of the tread a continuous section that should roll really fast on hard pack. The samples I have weighed an average of 660 grams, and mounted easily.

Once aired up, the casing looks flattish in the central two thirds of the tread with the outer edges falling away at an angle suggesting that these will be tires that will like getting “pitched” into corners rather than rolled over onto the edge knobs. We’ll see once the trails clear up. One slightly disappointing factor was the overall width, which appears to be more of a 2″ width than the stated 2.2″ width. I’ll be measuring these with a digital calipers soon. The other odd thing was the stated low pressure limit of 37psi, which alot of guys run under with other tires. Way under that psi rating!

Look for more on this tire in the coming weeks as trail conditions begin to improve here.

Peacock Groove R/T

February 24, 2007

Just got finished last night, will be at the NAHBS in San Jose.