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DeKerf Cycle Innovations To Start Up Operations Again

January 31, 2007

The following is a press release from DeKerf Cycle Innovations announcing their rise from the ashes to produce their fine steel and titanium framesets agian. Notice that they offer 29″ers!

“January 31, 2007
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Dekerf Cycle Innovations to Continue Operations

After having announced the closing of Dekerf Cycle Innovations back in September of last year, Chris Dekerf, the founder and owner of the company, has reconsidered that decision. Since announcing the close, the company has received a flood of support from both retailers and consumers in the form of orders and encouragement to continue producing the legendary frames.

Today, the company launched its new 2007 website. The new site amalgamates the former UK and Canadian sites into one new site with much more depth, and consumer participation. For 2007 the company also brings forth an expanded product line including new road, cyclocross, titanium, and 29R models.

The company will also forge ahead with a new and innovative business model, allowing consumers to have better access to Dekerf products and information, and at the same time continuing to support retailers who in tern support the brand.

Chris Dekerf wishes to thank all those whose voices of support and encouragement have led to this decision to continue the brand”

Twenty Nine Inches wishes DeKerf Cycle Innovations all the best in it’s new, reinvigorated form. Look for more updates on the 29″er models as they become available!

Tire Rumors

January 29, 2007

We’re hearing some new tire rumors here and there, so we thought we’d share! Remember; these are rumors, not hard facts, so keep that in mind.

First off, we’re hearing that Continental has two new 29″er tires on the way that will fill the XC niche and something a little wider for the more aggressive crowd. The stated widths were 2.1 inch and 2.4 inch, but if these are “typical” Continental widths, they will most certainly be narrower than the stated figures. We’re hoping Conti will drop the “28 inch” designation that they used on their first 29″er tire, the Vapor, and go with an actual 29 inch marking. Less confusion and you’d think that their tires would show up in search engines a little easier.

On the big meat side of things, we’re hearing that an almost DH worthy tire is moving from design to pre-production. It’s promised to have a big beefy casing ready for free ride and all mountain abuse. A long travel fork from one of the major fork manufacturers for 29″ers would go nicely with this, no?

Finally, there is a rumor out there that says there will be a winter specific, wide 29″er tire out by next fall. Studded? We don’t know, but how “cool” would that be? (Sorry about the pun!) Right now the choices in true winter type 29″er tires is on the narrow side, (for studded), or a compromise, (WTB Weir Wolf 2.55″).

Have you heard any juicy tire rumors? Give us a shout out, or post your comment.

White Brothers Rock Solid 29: First Impression

January 29, 2007

I’ve gotten several rides in on the White Brothers Rock Solid 29 forks and it’s definitely an experience riding them. These forks are incredibly light (they reduced the weight of the bike 2.14 lbs) and I realized it takes some getting used to in order to ride them correctly.

I was getting frustrated at the beginning of the first couple rides on the Rock Solid 29s because I felt like the bike was beating me up. I felt every little rock and bump on the trail transferred straight to my arms and upper body. But then after that first 10 minutes or so everything seemed to smooth out and I started enjoying the ride.

I realized after the second ride what was going on… I had to get used to such a light frontend on the bike. I’m used to having a heavy Rockshox Reba or steel fork up front and I was relying on that weight (or suspension) to smooth out the trail for me. So when riding the carbon forks I was trying to ride them the same way and they were just careening off every bump and beating me up… so after ten minutes or so of riding I would subconsciencely adjust my riding to take advantage of the lighter front end and the ride would smooth out.

So all that to say, if you’ve never ridden on a set of carbon forks, be ready to give yourself time to get used to riding them. It’s definitely a different experience.

Now some more impressions on the forks (this is all after I’d gotten acclimated to riding them)…

The steering on these forks is extremely accurate and precise. I ride a lot of rooty and rocky terrain here in the southeast and I tested hard on picking lines and sticking with them. Around corners I’ve felt very little latteral flex. All in all, so far the Rock Solid 29s are staying true to their name.

Also I’ve begun taking full advantage of being able to throw the front end of this bike around. Picking up over two pounds less has given an advantage in pulling it out of creek beds onto a steep bank easier and popping it over big logs with much less effort.

As I said, I’m still working on getting used to the forks in general, so I’m still testing to see how well the carbon is absorbing bumps in the track. I feel like once I’m halfway through the ride it’s doing a fantastic job, but that’s also been comparing to the first few minutes of getting used to it.

So more riding to come on these forks and more updates.

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Gunnar Ruffian 29er

January 27, 2007

Here’s a shot from the front.

Gunnar Ruffian 29er

January 27, 2007

Just got the new ride from Waterford…and it is SWEET!

Introducing Two New 29"er Companies

January 26, 2007

Recently the announcements for two new companies that are producing 29″ers in their line ups have been made. We at twenty Nine inches thought you would like to know.

The first is a new company from Idylwild, California called Siren Bicycles. They have a “69er” model called the “55”, (I know, all these numbers!), and now they are announcing the Trauco, a full on 29″er in aluminum alloy. The Siren folks will serve you up a stock issue bike, or they can do custom appointments such as integrated headsets, custom geometry, or other types of tweaks. More information will be up on their web site shortly.

The next company is a United Kingdom outfit called Singular Cycles. They specialize in 29″ers and offer two models to start out with. The Swift, which comes in two variations and the Peregrine, a more of an “all-rounder” type bike.

Singular has some excellent information on their site, particularly in the area of front end geometry for 29″ers. Check them out! You can keep up with the goings on with these blokes by checking in on their blog for the latest.

Felt Bicycles Introduces the "Nine Series" 29"ers

January 23, 2007

Felt Bicycles, who showed some 29″ers at InterBike this past Fall, have now formally introduced the three bike series.

The series includes two geared hardtails and one single speed hardtail. The names of the models are The Nine Pro, The Nine Elite, and The Nine Solo. Interesting spec details include Avid hydraulic brakes, Maxxis Ignitor tires, and integrated headsets across the line. Also interesting is Felt’s geometry featuring a half degree steeper head tube angle than what we normally see at 72.5 degrees and a bit lower bottom bracket. Check out their web page for more information

Dos Niner – Big Foot

January 23, 2007

Swamp Thing

January 22, 2007

FLorida Greenway

Out of the Box: WTB WeirWolf LT 29

January 22, 2007

I have received a set of the WTB WeirWolf LT 29 tires (posted about here) and installed them last night on the GT Peace 9er. Since our trails have been nothing but muck around here there’s been more road riding then singletrack but I figured I’d get them installed so I could hit the trails with them when they dry up enough.

Knobs look great for cornering and I’m looking forward to the added suspension of the 2.55 inches. Here’s the pics I took… click to see them bigger.

WTB WeirWolf LT 29 tires
WTB WeirWolf LT 29 tires
WTB WeirWolf LT 29 tires
WTB WeirWolf LT 29 tires
WTB WeirWolf LT 29 tires
WTB WeirWolf LT 29 tires