Black Friday 29ers

Christmas is just a month away… what’s on your 29er list? (The Salsa Dos Niner is on mine!)

If you are looking to sell off your 29er stuff for some extra cash, be sure to check out the Twenty Nine Inches Marketplace. You can list your 29er gear for free.

Also, JensonUSA has a pretty good selection of 29er products. If you wanna easily see all their 29er stuff, check out these pages on our site:

Have a great Black Friday!


No Responses to “Black Friday 29ers”

  1. Cloxxki Says:

    I absolutely want a green Zion, geared. I’d build it as a 3x probably. Or just replace my Paragon frame, and have a hardtail bike just like that. Give it nicer wheels, like the Salsa Delgado Disc rims with Hope hubs.

    Most will be asking for a mix of the new tires now “available”, that is, if you can get them from the first always-to-short supply.

    Affordable 29″ stuff gets me all excited.
    I already own a Redline Monocog frameset, and it totally rocks.
    GT Peace looks great.

    Although I’ve sold my Banshee Morphine for various good reasons, I still crave a 29″ 4-Cross play/race bike. All the parts exist for it today!
    *Frame : Redline Monocog in small size, SE Stout. Each $470 as a BIKE.
    *Fork : Rockshox Tora is cheap and should do on the Stout. WB 1.3 or Maverick DUC for the Redline, to get angles more relaxed.
    *Rims : WTB has a 28mm Trail rim, for the front? Kris Holm 38mm rear.
    *Tires : Kenda Nevegal 2.2 or WTB Weirwolf 2.55 depending on the course
    *Tubes : 26″ tubes work just fine, and offer relative weight reduction.

    Total cost for a GOOD 4-Cross bike could be well under a grand, with a bunch of spare parts in hand. In my case, I have a White Brothers CX-1 70mm fork littering around that could make an SE Stout be pretty 4-Cross Racey already. And just 1565g.

    But the thing I want for Christmas most is a couple weeks of snow.

  2. Jim Says:

    All I have to say is this.

    Support your local bike shop. Down with mailorder!

  3. 29erPilot Says:

    Free Market! This working man needs to find the best deal!

  4. Jim Says:

    Then don’t piss and moan when bike shops close down or you get the wrong damn product shipped to you by some 19 year old high school dropout with and IQ matching his shoe size. I’ve seen it happen a million times, bro. And if you patronize a reputable bike shop that is competitive chances are they will have prices close to those f’n mailorder losers. And they might even install it for you for free!! Imagine that! The chances for someone like Jenson, Cambria, Performance, etc. of having smokin’ deals on 29er products are slim, seeing as it’s such a new market.

    I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that you should really support you local economy. I mean, there’s a reason why companies like Specialized, Fisher/Trek, Giant, Rocky, etc. won’t sell any of their product online, a level playing field. Or boosting “free market” mentality by eliminating the situations where one particular shop undercutting a shop halfway across the country just to get a tiny bit of money in the till, like said mailorder losers.

    Go with quality over quantity. Not the other way around.


  5. harold Says:

    You are also the working man and it hurts the working man to hear that his job isn’t a valid one. Not everybody believes that bike shops are worthless but some definitely do. Lots of folks feel like they’re getting ripped off because some of the products can be bought online for a lesser price.

    Online shopping is becoming the norm in all industries. It’s scary for everybody who works in small business. People who sell shoes tend not to feel overly passionate about or make a lifestyle out of shoes. But bike shop people tend to be positively involved in their cycling communities. Bike shops sponsor and promote most local races. Yet many serious cyclists still hate the lbs.

    We’ve just got to make sure we provide good service and still not discount what we do. There will always be people who want to patronize the small business. Some will do so happily because they want to, some begrudgingly out of necessity. It’s not our money until we earn it. Just grin and bear it. Bikes are fun, we’re in it for the fun not the money…otherwise we’d be doing something else for a living.

  6. XXIXPILOT Says:

    Shops need to get with the times or get left behind.I know of a few shops that I go to that make a ton of money from online and E-bay sales.They make most of there money that way.So now they can afford to give better service and employ more people.One other way they are making more money is by putting all of these parts on.Don’t rip on mailorder,I haven’t seen local bikes shops close down because of them.Just tho opposite.Competition is good!No one is forcing you to use mailorder,but a smart shop will learn how to make money using the internet.I love how the free market works.Oh by the way I never pissed or moaned.Nor are the shops I shop at because they are doing very well’s the same liberal argument that is tring to close down Wal-Mart.Get over it!

  7. harold Says:

    Selling online for most shops (excluding ones who can finally make a premium on vintage now to the hip) doesn’t make a ton of money. It’s a last effort to move product that would otherwise rot, it’s a way not to lose money. You’re absolutely right about that: to stay with the times or get left behind…you do that to stay alive because everybody else is doing it.

    I just got admonished for being too political on here and ritefully so but you’re only half right on this. You and I are from different sides of the fence, I need to see a bit of your side and you need to see a bit of mine.

    People buy a bigger motor vehicle so that when they smash into others the other car will get more smashed than theirs for “safety”. We get a flu shot so we won’t get sick but the viruses get stronger due to this and mutate into deadly ones and hey at least it’s not you getting sick but someday somebody you know gets the brunt of it. You’ll be sick over it then.

    People need to be better to each other, that’s the bottom of the line. There are consequences to everything we do. We know when we do wrong. Keeping the money in your community is a positive thing. You can direct it accordingly within that, choosing the right shop. Free market works well that way but WalMart destroys communities and that’s a fact.

  8. 29erPilot Says:

    Wal-mart is the biggest employer in alot of cities.Plus not to mention all of the money they give away to charities.What facts are you pointing to?Your entitled to your opinions but not your own facts.If so many people hate Wal-Mart.don’t Shop there and they will go out of business.Please enough of the socialist belly aching.Please tell me next that George Bush just poisoned your grandma and killed your pet bunny.

  9. harold Says:

    Years of travelling and living in small towns has proven to me factually that walmart has severe negative effect on communities. Not to mention what it’s done to American manufacuring. Statistics can be twisted to make things seem otherwise but in real life this is the case. I don’t shop there and neither do most people in the bicycle world. Have you ever tried riding your bike to walmart?…not a very bike friendly environment. If you love it so much why don’t you go work there? This dead horse has been beaten enough. Go ride your bike and have fun, down with right wing car culture!

  10. Tim Grahl Says:

    Yeah let’s call it quicks on this argument… plenty of room over at MTBR to argue this stuff. You wanna argue 29ers do it here… otherwise there are much better forums for it.

  11. harold Says:

    Right-o, my appologies.

  12. 29erPilot Says:

    sounds good!We can argue over a beer sometime after were done riding 100+ miles of single track.


  13. harold Says:

    That’s what it’s all about.

  14. spanky Says:


  15. 29erPilot Says:

    alrighty then?

  16. Jim Says:

    Thanks for editing spanky’s comment. I appreciate that. It’s not my fault that I work at a really nice upscale shop that stocks 68mm bbs!!

    Enough arguing. We should all be on the same team.

    Put donw the keyboard and go ride big wheels!


  17. Black Friday Online Says:

    Black Friday Online…

    A bargain is something you can\’t use at a price you can\’t resist. -Franklin Jones :o) Happy Holidays!…

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