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More Maxxis 29er Tires

February 28, 2006

According to a source from Maxxis, they’ll be releasing two of their current 26 inch tires in a 29 inch version.

The 26×2.10 Maxxis CrossMark is due for the 29er upgrade sometime this year with the ADvantage following sometime in 2007.

However, as these things go, I talked with their marketing department and he says there are no plans for either of them. Only thing going is vague talks about perhaps doing something in 2007.

Raleigh 29er on the way

February 23, 2006

Raleigh America is well on their way to producing a steel hardtail 29 inch singlespeed bike. It’s taking a lot of styling cues from their Rush Hour model and will retail around $600.

The design is done. The prototypes are done. And they’re now being trail tested. Due out around May or June.

And this one is from an official source at Raleigh. So although I labeled this as ‘rumor’, it’s pretty definite.

This is pretty exciting considering all the affordable options that are starting to hit the market…

More VooDoo Dambala Pictures

February 22, 2006

Here are some new pictures of the VooDoo Dambala that we added to our picture gallery. This is actually John from VooDoo’s bike and is outfitted with the U.S.E. SUB 29er fork and Mary bars.

You can catch more VooDoo photos in their gallery.

VooDoo Dambala VooDoo Dambala

Karate Monkey drivetrain question

February 20, 2006

I am purchasing my 1st 29er, Surly KM. I would like to run a 1×9 setup. I am planning on using Truvativ singlespeed cranks. Will I need to use a chainguide system? Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.

— Mike B

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Some random rumors…

February 16, 2006

A few rumblings I’ve been hearing about lately. Nothing confirmed as of yet…

  • A new Kona scandium only 29er frame is past the design stage and developing a prototype
  • According to the comments of this post, Specialized definitely has some 29 inch plans for 2007, however my source that actually works at Specialized says it’s news to him.
  • KHS is in the very early stages of planning for their own 29er. It should be very affordable bike probably ringing up under $500.

We’ll see if anything comes of this.

Niner Bikes introduces the E.M.D. 9 (eat my dust)

February 16, 2006

From Niner Bikes:

We’ve been working on our website for some time now, and many of you have been waiting patiently for us to fill in the blanks on a couple of models with only a hint of information. We would like to give those of you on our email list the exclusive first look at the E.M.D. 9, our newest member of the Niner family.

The E.M.D. 9 started life with a full set of custom drawn 7005 series aluminum tubes. All of the amazing attention to detail that you have come to expect from Niner Bikes has been put into this frame including the proven Niner geometry.

  • Internally butted head tube and BB shell help reduce weight and take out unnecessary material
  • S-bend chainstays and seatstays increase heel and mud clearance (with new bends to improve tire clearance at the chainstay yoke)
  • Our new proprietary bent downtube is both stronger than a gusseted tube and offers the Reba clearance we feel is so important.
  • The frame finish is second to none.
  • Reamed and faced head tube and BB shell to insure easy installation of a headset and bottom bracket respectively and to insure that both sides of the head set and BB are square with each other.
  • Chased BB threads for no fuss BB installation
  • Factory machined disc brake tab to insure proper alignment of the disc brake.
  • Reamed seat tube for smooth seatpost engagement.

So, we know a lot of you have been waiting for a “normal” alloy frame, and we wanted it to be right the first time out. But there is nothing “normal” about the E.M.D. 9. Here’s the best part: the frame weight, for a medium, is only 3.5 lbs and the price for all sizes will be $499. We will also be offering our partial build kit. We are taking deposits now. The E.M.D. 9 will be delivered in April 06. Color will be Licorice (black gloss) only.

Niner Bikes E.M.D. 9
Niner Bikes E.M.D. 9
Niner Bikes E.M.D. 9
Niner Bikes E.M.D. 9

Response from Orbea

February 13, 2006

I posted a couple days ago regarding the rumor I heard that the Orbea Alma 29ers are no where near ready to go. Well Orbea is telling me different. Here is their response:

The Alma 29 will be a 2007 early release product, meaning late spring. This is really a technical distinction, because our product release cycle begins in the summer prior to the calendar year. Delivery of the Alma 26 really has little to do with the delivery of the 29er. That bike has been available for several months, but demand in Europe has far outstripped demand here, so we have deferred to Spain on this to secure other, more valuable product for the US market. We will have media samples of the 29er at Sea Otter and delivery is projected for late spring. Our production engineers are putting the finishing touches on the frame right now, so I think this is a realistic expectation. We are not out to mislead anyone on this project and are incredibly excited about its potential. Orbea has incredible manufacturing resources and this is fully within our capabilities.

So it may be looking good afterall!

Orbea Alma carbon 29er not coming out anytime soon?

February 10, 2006

I posted a press release out of Orbea last week about the Alma carbon 29er that’s due out in the spring.

However, my source with Orbea is saying there’s no way it’s gonna happen. The 26 inch version of the Alma isn’t even ready yet and, although there’ll be one at Sea Otter, the 29 inch version won’t be around until the 2007 line at the absolute earliest.

What bugs me the most is that if this is true and Orbea knows it, then they’re just playin’ me and everyone else just to get the internet chatter going.

29 inch rim weights?

February 10, 2006

What the different weights for the leading 29er rims? Salsa, DT, WTB, Stans, Bontrager, etc.
— Scott

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New Zion 29er

February 7, 2006

Zion Bicycles, the JensonUSA exclusive brand, will be coming out with the 737 29er. The 4130 double-butted chromoly frames will probably be available in two options. The singlespeed only with eccentric bottom bracket(EBB) and vertical dropouts version (no derailleur hanger, cable stops only for disc brakes) and it will probably also be available in a non-EBB geared version, also disc brake only, but with the full complement of cable stops for shifter cables. Colors are still to be determined, however white and black are looking like the choices.

Zion 737EBB 29er